GB, Character Design, and "Roles"

I’m finding designations like “healer” and “support” to be useless when it comes to GB’s character design. Alani is a support yet she has huge DPS, healing, stuns and a range of other abilities. My question becomes, why would you use such labels as “support” or “healer” when these same characters can out damage brawlers and assassins in many cases.

GB is there really a need to give so many characters almost every type of ability (stuns, healing, DPS)? Doesn’t it cheapen the gameplay of characters WITHOUT access to all those things? And doesn’t it render obsolete your descriptions of them as “support” or “healer”? Should you even be designing characters who are “masters of everything”?

This is why some characters have the label “versatile”, jack of all trades master of none. Two supports, Miko and Ambra, have this label and it is well deserved. Alani is an exception, she is currently a little on the broken side and this will be addressed in time as more tests are carried out, the same goes for Galilea and her horrendous affinity for being the master of CC.

Have patience, the necessary fixes will be made, Gearbox have been very reliable with re-balances so far and will continue to do so. BB is young and they’ve never made a game like this before, they will come through for the community :slight_smile:

She’s a healer, not a support. Nothing against you, but you should at least be accurate.

Alani is definitely unique when compared to the other healers/support. She is required to dps as her healing is rather weak overall. She has less health and a slow sprint speed which makes it very dangerous for a her to be on the front lines(requires a helix selection for any chance of escape). Her stun is avoidable in most situations. As a healer her dps should have been toned down rather than reducing her health.

Her self heal is so effective that she seldom needs to escape, Riptide has a knock back anyway so the escape is unnecessary, riding Riptide only launches you into enemy lines where you’re more likely to get killed.

I don’t find the labels themselves to be as big a problem as the preconceived notions people bring with them from other games. That and understanding that those labels don’t mean a given character can ONLY do x and y.

This is true. She uses her heal on herself pretty much most of the game. When a team queues with Alani as the sole healer, the opposing team can put a lot of pressure on her as it is very difficult for Alani to keep everyone else topped off. This is why I think she is weak as a healer which shouldn’t be the case.

Fair enough I didn’t clarify. I was using support in a slightly more general sense. I threw healers in because whatever you want to call them, they are NOT assassin’s or snipers who are meant to dish out tons of damage. Yet, it seems that characters with roles other than assassin or sniper seem to be dealing equal damage with better sustain making these “role” designations obsolete.