GB…Please Enable Anoints on ALL Uniques!

Hey Gearbox.

You are doing such a great job buffing and adjusting things as the game goes on…

How about taking a serious look at all of the Unique’s in this game and at the very least allowing anoints on every one of them!

Which seem like a fairly logical and simple thing to do and would encourage replay and the spending of even more iridium.

Uniques were such a wonderful part of Borderlands 2…

And I know you have hugely expanded the amount of legendaries.

But I miss that really “unique” element of the game. LOL. A blue mission reward unique or a boss drop that was just tremendous fun!

Great mission rewards encourages replay and while you are at it……

you might take a look at buffing some of those weapons. Make some truly remarkable!


100%. The lack of usable blues and purples really seems strange. Especially the class mods, just completely suck ass. In bl2 you could run a blurred trickster with Maya or grenadier with Axton. Sal had the monk coms. I haven’t used a blue or purple mod since probably level 20. They should make blues and purples able to boost 5 skills or something. It’s like they took random skills to boost, rather than boosting skills that would allow your character to specialize. Instead, we get characters who just spam SMG rounds until everything dies.


A blue/purple class mod shouldn’t be on par with a damn legendary class mod.

Agree…but it might be nice to have enough draw to run a risk/ reward build from one like:

A Blue Chaotic Neutral Ranger in BL 2
Or a Blue Chaotic Monk

The thing is…it’s a whole element that has been left out of this version of the game…unfortunately.

And it added to build diversity and creativity.

And it’s a shame.


They aren’t on par with legendaries. In bl2 a legendary siren or cat is by far the best overall options for Maya. But you can build her so when you get to a boss with minions, swap out your legendary for a blurred trickster, and it’ll destroy said boss because chain reaction. No coms boost indiscriminate that I know of.

It just sucks that apart from maybe 5 weapons, the end game is all about the orange rarity. Some of the past rares and epics were made into legendaries, I get that. That’s obviously what they tried to do, because most mission rewards are useless. Bl2 had the fibber, lady fist, Rubi, trespasser, the lascaux, THE FREAKING PIMPERNEL. By the way, them screwing up the sandhawk and not adding the pimp is a decision that should get someone fired.


Blue/purple class mods still gives boosted stats like BL2 just farm for passives if you care so much about having them be viable but what’s the point if all class mods get the same passives?

"It just sucks that apart from maybe 5 weapons, the end game is all about the orange rarity. "

Yes it’s a looter shooter so the higher the rarity the better the loot is. That’s why the loot is coloured to distinct them from one another. :slight_smile:

" Bl2 had the fibber, lady fist, Rubi, trespasser, the lascaux, THE FREAKING PIMPERNEL."
Fibber, lady fist, and pimpernel were legendaries that were miscoloured blues. Doesn’t make sense that a blue should be on par or better then a legendary. i’m glad gearbox figured this out in BL3.

" it added to build diversity and creativity."
If you care so much about your precious blues/purple class mods go farm one with passives that benefit your build like splash damage, grenade damage, and grenade capacity for example. The beauty of BL3 is that stat boost aren’t locked behind certain class mods now.

I agree. Every weapon, shield, and grenade should be anointed on m10, even stuff like Seventh Sense and purple red text. Some pieces of gear would be really nice with an anoint.

Oh yea and Ghast Call.


I care….

And I do….

Thank you very much.

I think you like the way they did it in BL 3 and there is so much they did ”right”… I like most aspects of the game as well.

My point is the game could be “better” (at least in my mind) by a little effort and care with really unique….uniques :grinning:…that can stand toe to toe with a Legendary…maybe better. Just like they did in BL2.

You don’t like the idea, that’s fine…I do….

That and $3 will get us a pretty decent cup of coffee at a Starbucks.

You keep defending a “logical system” that makes sense in a looter/shooter.

I just want fun…

Annnd we are back to that coffee thing again…

I think we’re just going to have to agree to disagree on this one my friend.


personally i was like this
make purple COMs give me 9-10 skillpoints
i RLY miss the old bl classmods that just give you a shitload of bonus points
also, make the skills chosen from said purple COMs all random mix, and if a skill is there that gets usually 1 like a captsone, give it 2 instead
so you can get some insane skillpoints on some skills

and because its

  1. all random
  2. purple and doesnt have a special ability like legendary COMs
  3. has a reason to exist

purple COMs become this rare and sweet thing you rly want to find.

looking through anything purple at this moment is already ■■■■■■ enough,

and for the uniques and legendaries that cant come annointed
its hilarious to me that GBX is just not capable of doing the simplest fking solution possible
making the annoint reroll roll annoints on those aswell

like dear god… if you cant be bothered to fix this issue over 2 years which should be 1 hotfix right after release, then at least take the new implementation and use it as a TEMPORARY fix


“My point is the game could be “better” (at least in my mind) by a little effort and care with really unique….uniques :grinning:…that can stand toe to toe with a Legendary…maybe better.”

So what the hell is the point of a rarity system if a weapon two rarities below the highest rarity is on par or better?

my god are you desperatly trying to defend this

its like, why is this obviosly stupid thing in the game?
well because looter shooter…

here is a thing
we have at this point almost more legendaries then purples in this game… we scratch 400 legendaries that all have their variations
and i think i did the math a while ago but legendaries are more numerous then purples.

meaning no matter what this games rarity system doesnt make sense already

as for how rarity should affect strength
for me, and from what i saw with other games that did it rly good ( i did play a bit of destiny)
purples are just plain STRONG

they dont have these WILD effects, and unique purples are mostly doing some kinda fun stuff that MIGHT be OP

but in general a purple in pure strength should at least match a legendary

before m2.0 this was the case btw
some legendaries DID match or out damage legendaries

now legendaries bring gamebreaking effects into play that entirely change the guns behavior or what you can do with it
that or its WILDLY broken

now i think the seventh sense is a good example as it does shoot these additional projectiles
a purple revolver should maybe have some higher base damage, but well thats all it does

this can help the game MASSIVLY as suddenly 90% of all loot isnt worthless

as for classmods and artifacts
those should just give on purples bigger stat boosts but no effects

as adding a whole ne effect is what makes something legendary

if you cant understand that or dont want to
then you are one of those ppl that didnt rly play bl3 before m2.0 or you just rly dont want to see it


“make purple COMs give me 9-10 skillpoints”
Hell no

" 1. all random"

Let’s not have randomized skills the game already suffers from a RNG problem.

" purple and doesnt have a special ability like legendary COMs"

Still no reason to run them then in endgame since they still don’t have a special ability

" has a reason to exist"

They do have a reason to exist its for you to find them and use them before you progress to the higher rarity. It’s a progression system for a reason.

" for the uniques and legendaries that cant come annointed
its hilarious to me that GBX is just not capable of doing the simplest fking solution possible making the annoint reroll roll annoints on those aswell"

I agree

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There’s 2 ways to see the purple vs legendary issue.

  1. The BL3 way - legendary gear is between 100% and 10000% better than equivalent purples, and sometimes has a weird effect to make it harder to use but often isn’t any harder at all. This leads to EVERYTHING else being worthless screen clutter that serves no purpose and could stop existing after ~level 15.
  2. The BL1, BL2 and TPS way - legendary gear is roughly equal to equivalent purples (varying from slightly weaker to slightly stronger), but almost always has a weird effect that causes it to be better IF used well. (e.g. the bekah has worse stats than a purple but the bullets split so at the right range it deals much more damage). This leads to purples and legendary gear being usable for different purposes and legendary gear being best for skilled players while purples are best for less skilled players.

The argument that BL3’s system is better usually stems from being bad at the game, because you can’t use the high skill legendary gear so you want gear that takes little or no skill and is still far better. I personally prefer the old system that rewarded skill best but still let anyone play well.
The other way to see the debate is this: do you want to play a FPS or a RPG? Because a pure FPS has (fairly well) balanced gear and relies on skill to dictate how powerful you are, wheras a pure RPG has low skill input (often just spamming attack) and lets the gear you have equipped dictate how powerful you are. Borderlands is a hybrid of the two and relies on both to some degree, so you need to play well AND grab good gear, but legendary gear pushes harder in one direction or the other. In previous games they pushed towards FPS and skill, but BL3 (especially with recent buffs) has them push towards RPG and mega stats.
I’d love to see purples brought back as low skill, high stats options, and red text weirdness spawn on all rarities (like the old blue mission rewards), to push high skill, high boosts gameplay. Given that BL3 has red text items in every rarity, this is definitely possible.



Because it’s a game??

Based on nonsensical characters in a cartoonish environment .

And the method was proven fun in the last version of the game.

You are trying to make logical sense out of………Borderlands?

Take a step back and think about that my friend.

But hey, people have strong opinions about their video games and I respect that.

And, once again, we are back to that $3 coffee at Starbucks .


i wasnt expecting special forces
but i take it
and i agree with everything here

i do think the way bl3 was on m1.0 was more the old way, where many purples could be used for very specific builds and to put them together was the real test
examples are

  • the tedior cutpurse moze with that one shotgun
  • using fl4k with purple launchers and torgue shotguns for nice burst and low mag size
  • Q system in general was nice

but if every piece of gear does not either like 1-5k dmg while the legendarys that got buffed deal 30-50k dmg per shot makes any argument rly unvalid

one is gonna onetap everything
the other isnt gonna feel good.

kinda lowkey miss the days when DoT effects did matter alot aswell.


Pea Shooter perfect example…

Very decent gun….a Jakobs with splash…very “unique”……

And it can’t come with an anoint….

Makes ZERO sense.

Amber Management another example…


Using “rarity” to justify a 500% power gap between items is a weak argument.

If all orange items are the only relevant items to use, here’s what you remove:
-Build variety/diversity
-The excitement of finding a perfect purple
-Depth to build-making
-Reasons to do missions that don’t give oranges
-a reason to use the majority of the game’s loot
-and FOMO for players who don’t have the time to farm

There should be a sense of progression with a rarity system, that’s for sure. But there are much better ways to do this than rendering all purples and some blues useless.

I like to think of rarity systems as “new toys to play with”. Some will be inherently better, but higher rarities give opportunities to give us more complex/unique mechanics to build around and learn. I feel that’s much more exciting than “drop everything you have, just use this”.


So my green rarity gun that I can find anywhere should be on par with my purple rarity gun then right? yeah my blue/purple I got from some piss easy quest should be on par or hell even better then my legendary that i farmed hours for right?

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