GB...please FFS stop making missions that require vehicles!

Please for the love of god just stop making vehicle based mission until you fix the scaling issue with vehicles. It’s nearly impossible. Damage and health of enemies at max level/difficulty is scaled up so far above vehicles that it’s hard to even drive from point A to point B without being insta gibbed in a vehicle…let alone trying to use the vehicle to run over enemies…especially in a DLC where apparently there is a lot of frost damage where you lose control of the vehicle completely while the car just gets vaporized.

It just makes no sense that a vehicle dies that fast and has such a hard time running over/killing enemies when I can jump out and one shot most of them in 2 seconds. Fix the vehicle scaling or just stop making missions that require vehicles…please.


Obviously this is due to everyone neglecting “Vehicle Damage” option in Guardian Ranks. :wink:


I simply avoid driving missions (especially timed ones) if I can, they don’t represent Borderlands for me.


I’m sure there is some validity to that and I accept that my damage isn’t as good as it could be due to not placing a higher priority on that GR option. However, I’m talking more about the health of the vehicle. It just gets blown up so damn fast and I don’t believe there is a GR perk to fix that. It’s just scaling.

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Yeah, it’s a pain. I can only recommend the following:
1: Go with the Cyclone. The two cars get shredded immediately because they are too slow and easy to hit
2: The Machine guns can take out enemies quite well. Just single one out, chip away at their health until they are nearly dead and then ram them. It still takes like a solid 10 minutes or so to get the mission objective but its doable.

I was agreeing with you, by the way. /sarcasm tag was there for that reason. :slight_smile:

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I think OP was referring to the mission where you had to run over 10 bandits.

Problem is, even with Technical with all parts into RAMMING damage, on Mayhem 4 it takes like 5+ full speed boosted ‘rams’ to run over a basic bandit, because their HP is simply monstrous compared to Vehicle damage which doesn’t scale up AT ALL into mayhems. The machinegun takes forever to bring them low as well (more than likely your car’s gonna explode before you get the bandit low)

Trying that with a cyclone is just stupid as it has nearly zero ramming damage even on normal difficulty.

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It doesn’t need much ramming damage if the enemies are all down to 10% health. Also, it’s the most survivable vehicle on M4 by a long shot and the machine guns actually do a lot of damage because they are easy to crit with. Sure, no comparison to a real weapon but still faster and more reliable than anything you can do with the runner and especially the technical.
I literally did the quest this way after trying for quite a while to do it with the technical. It takes a while but it’s the only way to make it doable on M4.

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I did that DLC quest today and it took me 3-4 hits with Technical at Mayhem 4 without boosting.

Yeah it took me around 5 hits on TVHM M4.

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I did that quest running over bandits in no time at all with a technical equipped with the spiked wheels and grinder front attachment. The stacked bonuses to running over fleshy targets made that step of the quest easy and quick on M4.

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I’m using the same thing but it took me at least 4-5 hits on M4 (also on TVHM but not sure how much different that is). Admittedly, vehicle damage isn’t one of the GR perks I have chosen so I don’t have much bonus damage from that.

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I was doing it on TVHM. The different might be the collision speed as I was baiting the bandits into a spot where I could hit them at full boost speed.

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Sure felt like more. Maybe because Technical is so slow and hard to steer that they kept jumping to the side in time, even on boosters.
Then again boosters probably do nothing at all for ram damage, just like speed itself. Only the car parts.

I have always ignored vehicle based side missions in BL series.

If I wanted to play a vehicle based game, I would just buy one. BL vehicle based missions have always been bad. They should just give it up.


i remember the first time i played BL2 with a friend hahaha

2 weeks! a whole 2 weeks i had to listen to him rant on how bad vehicles are in these games hahahaha (was funny though haha otherwise i would have told him to shut it)

they’re great for getting from A to B but appart from that driving sucks hahaha


I mean, they’re using the tools the game has to do creative quest, it would be boring if the game only had fetch quest or “go here and kill everyone” quests.
It is a bit of a pain to do the quest in Mayhem levels because the vehicle damage is a bit low, but oh well, you can still complete it. Or you can reduce the mayhem level, there’s no shame on doing that.

TL;DR: vehicle quest aren’t bad, vehicle balance in Mayhem levels require some tweaking

I agree but that was my point. If they are going to put the vehicle missions in…tweak the scaling of vehicles to be better at higher difficulty. I don’t mind the quests per se.

However, trying to kill things in a vehicle and having it blow up and then having to shoot enemies and then having to reset the area because now there are no enemies to run over is just…bad. I think I ended up jumping out…killing all but 2-3 enemies so I could survive long enough to run over them 5+ times each. Rinse and repeat a few times. Not exactly fun. If I have to do that I would probably just prefer a fetch quest.

I’ve did this mission on M4 on all four of my character, honnestly I hardly see the problem : Technical + Spike wheel + raming front

Go at full speed from one side of the canyon to the other and back, bandits die after 1 hit with booster (for those without shield) and 2 hit for the other.

You can even soften then up with the weapon to make it a one hit sure kill each time

For mission with vehicule that require you to fight : Exit vehicule, blow every other vehicule in 2 hit of your cryo weapon, get back in vehicule. (Ex : Accessing the metro before the ravager)

For mission that require you to reach a certain destination (Like the one where we transport Tannis amplifier) : Let the vehicul be destroyed while next to a Catch a ride. Spawn a cyclone. Complete the course with ease cause it’s way too fast to be hit. Respawn mission véhicule : Finished.

False, ram damage are calculated based on speed. At full speed with booster you OS the one without shield

I was killing them in one to three hits boosted, depending on if they had a shield or not. I’d also chuck a few barrels and shoot them a few times to whittle then down while backing up. Took maybe 5 min to complete.