GB PLEASE put bottoms on the large enemy models!

Way back when there weren’t so many huge enemies I’d only get trapped inside the Rampager every so often.

But in DLC 3 there are a great many large saurian enemies, and I keep getting trapped inside their models and dying cuz I can’t get out, and can’t kill anything to revive.

Someone in model QA is not checking the undersides of these beasts, there are gaps in the models that allow a leap attack to translate into the player being stuck inside the enemy.

I’ve got stuck inside Indotyrant at least twice. Fortunately, I was able to kill it from the inside and escape. It is frustrating though!

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This is a glitch? I thought it was them eating me. Used to happen all the time with the T-Rex boss of the Eridian trials.

Now you know what B.A.L.E.X. had to deal with. :slight_smile:

Edit: I thought thread title was about large enemies in BL3 running naked from the waist down and was wondering how did I miss that