GB:Throttling golden key redemption, why?

Since there has been nothing done with the VIP program on in months (except occasional shift codes) I’ve been using points to get golden keys for BL1 (I have max in BL2).
But suddenly, I’m being throttled. One redemption per week is what the frequency appears to be.

Uh, why? They don’t cost GB anything. They don’t affect game balance since I never play co-op. They’re just fun things to use.

And now I can’t. Why on Earth (or Pandora) are these being throttled?

That doesn’t make any sense, why would they do that? Your vip points, your choice…strange!

Yup, very very weird. Cashed in 1,500 for some keys on Saturday, now says “you can earn more of this reward on Nov. 14th at 9 pm”.
Heck, you can’t even share weapons between character in BL1 so there is no reason why this throttle should be in place.

Well just for that reason I have two BL1’s on 2 computers

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