GB, you may wanna check matchmaking functionality further

Im not talking how rare it is to find a match thanks to the tons of variables in mayhem now.

its about a problem i had while joining a match.

I got the match, and load in, Maliwan Takedow. And i find myself in spectator mode, watching the player roaming the start of the map before the raid, waiting for me to appear.

We could still talk but i could do nothing. Then disconnection happened, idk if he did it or i lost it on map change or what.
But yeah.
This seems to be a thing now, spawning in matchmaking as spectator mode.

Its already hard as skag balls to find a match, atleast make sure the match works, please

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Not to mention the fact that it re-rolls everyone’s modifiers

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this is one major kick in the head.
Not only i dont get my match, i get my god rolls changed to an elemental festival, featuring death, the fun skull.
so far i didnt get to be in a match with anyone but if i managed to, i asume we would sit 3 minuts idle talking about what modifiers to try and roll

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