GBX at Dreamhack?

If they are where are they at?! A big video game con and they aren’t there on their launch weekend would be pretty pathetic.

So you can insult them in person?

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Where’s the fun in doing it anonymously over the Internet?

So I can ask if they are doing any of the things they said they were going to fix or look at during the multiple betas. Also to point out that Overwatch is having tournaments there, battleborn is nowhere to be found.

It has been a pretty disappointing launch.

EDIT: Not to mention the con is literally 3 hours away and less if you speed. If i wanted to insult them in person I could drive to their HQ and protest with a sign protesting the faults of the game. I could also just commiserate with people who used to work there. I have plenty of options. I live in DFW. :unamused:

Well, this isn’t going anywhere positive, is it?

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