Gbx Couch co-op 10/10/19 balancing, mayhem, and more

Well worth a watch, Grant is the combat designer at gbx…And Eliza is awesome.

Balancing theory, responses to fan feedback, possible upcoming changes get discussed.


actual stream starts just after 11 mins for info peeps.

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yeh they know a lot about balancing, look at all those tuning they did on zane :d they completely understand the issues XD

Yeah she is! She might not have been my fav villain(she, as in tyreen, not eliza’s performance or anything like that), but she did an outstanding job with voicing tyreen.

And it was cool to get some insight on how they their reasoning behind any changes. Good job Grant.

So the main balance guy doesn’t even play Moze at max level.
NICE. Now I understand why IB is so useless, why Moze gets stupid “balance” changes or just call it no real changes. Also Amara gets stronger and stronger - no wonder, it’s his main char. I am so sad about this.

Seriously if this guy doesn’t have time to play all 4 chars and can’t balance them at the same time and rate you should get another 1-3 people on the job!

Also just playing a casual round of slaughter with no MH modifiers … also doesn’t help the situation, seems like he also isn’t aware of the problems with MH3.

IMO his horizon is very limited and shifted to one side. I am sorry to say that.

Also Lyuda nerf incoming good job.


Surprised this hasn’t gotten more attention, watching it now.