GBX Did Voodoo on Me!

I am going to buy BB today. Ok it wasn’t voodoo. But Joe, Kaleidodemon and the others, managed to convince me with their commitment and responsiveness. I am convinced that this game will be great! Keep it up!

P.S if anyone want to keep better track of the devs, use this link! It is called a Dev Tracker found on the GBX Forum main page at the top right of your screen (on pc).


Good luck!

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God speed.

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This is a great game and I believe in the game and in Gearbox. I hope you can enjoy it as much as I do.


Thanks everyone!

Ooooooh yeahhhh. (I know a bit late)


Whooho! Hope you have fun!
I’d invite you to team up but i don’t have the PS4 :frowning:

Thanks! Haha maybe I can see u when Borderlands 3 comes out :wink:

nooooeeeess Y U NO PC

Have fun :stuck_out_tongue: too bad, that’s one person the PC community won’t have :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha I wish I have a good pc! I might have been on the pc instead.

I have the game for both the PC and PS4. Digital Deluxe Edition for both. I am so hungry…

Hahahaha what! One to play at the bedroom and one at the living room huh? Hahaha

Not really. I got it so I could play with my friends on both systems. So far though I haven’t got to play on my PS4 version a lot. I never know when they’re going to be online really. I log in and they’re offline or in a different game a lot of the time. Sometimes they are on but already in a game with another group of people.

Wow. I never done that before haha. Hmm finding the right time for you and your friends is so problematic. That’s why I go solo or go with randoms:p

After you’ve played with a good group of people who communicate and cooperate it is so hard to go back to PUGs/randoms/publics/whateveryouwanttocallthem. :confounded:

While I haven’t been able to successfully (or more so, patiently) play my PS4 copy for a couple of weeks now (been a few issues for Australian players)…

I do stand by that Battleborn is a great game, another gearbox/2k gem…

You will have to report back how you are finding it, and which character (or characters… It’s hard to just have one) you love playing…

I hope you have heaps of fun with it, and here’s hoping it runs smoothly (and quickly) for you, so you can have hours and hours of Badass fun!

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The game can be tough at first.
I recommend reading the competitive multi-player guides. Their extremely helpful.
Remember the game isn’t focused on how many kills you get, but instead it’s extremely objective based.

Also keep trying different characters until you play with one that just clicks for you. There’s a lot of characters that are meant for a lot of different play styles. Find your battleborn bad-ass!

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Thanks for giving us a shot @riyadisofian!


Ohhh I can kinda relate. That’s how I felt in Dota 2!