GBX got trolled?

dryll as featured boss?

with the recent chaos increase this fight is insane… i had to do a complete build overhaul just to get past this piece of dung (using some shady stuff i didn’t realy wanted to use)

keep running out of ammo or getting overrun by adds while he’s healing his shield every 10 seconds (with the added health from the increased chaos level this is getting rediculous)

mind you, all my gear is primordial and i still can’t manage to get past his dumb second stage

i’m literally at the point where i just don’t feel like playing the game anymore… so many people already said dryll fight is just broken and adding 1200% health isn’t helping…

managed to get past him… changed my secondary class (graveborn did the trick for boosting my overall damage and had a good armor laying around) used all the OP weaponry i could think of and some stuff i actualy didn’t want to use (pixies)
still took me around 20 minuits to take him out though…


He’s no slouch, but a featured is the best way to see him consistently and try new strategies and optimize.
I found using a cape of tides to be my best friend here. Used skeep prod when he’s at a distance, torgue crossbow ar when he was close. Barboload spreads the damage to thin out the ads. Empowering sigil to keep the ads range attacks from downing me.
Once his shield was down, I went with a frost Lewdite. Takes a cycle or three, typically.
This was with a mistdancer (spore/stab).
Not a short fight by any means. But each encounter I felt more comfortable.


Was glad i got through it but it felt like a raidboss :rofl:

Forgot about bringing the cape of tides haha so i used the launcher (so stupid the spell doesn’t work)

I don’t mind having a hard fight but it was just exhausting :confused: i literally had to log out and rest.

1 mistake or missed opportunity and you’re back to the start.

Same problem with Wastard, i always have stuff in my inventory just to deal with these 2.

Hopefully they’ll find a way to make these fights a little less tedious but keep the charm they have.


Just keep pixies on hand for these 2 bosses and dont be telling everybody about it.

How will you maintain your rep and pride if others know you used a pixie gun?

Oh crap! My secret is out… Time to Uninstall i guess…

You’re right… My rep is already ruined…

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Well, if its any consolation, Ive used them too but my pride doesnt seem to care. Lol.

Thank god!

Mine seems to be intact too. But my will to do it again just for 1 boss is gone :slightly_frowning_face:

Honestly, gearbox nerfs stuff so often I dont have any idea what to try to build around.

My first character was a Spore Warden maining a Masterwork Handbow. Since gearbox ruined the Handbow immediately, I made a SpellShot and main Ice Spike spells and a Queens Cry pistol. As of now, this still works … but dont tell gearbox, they would surely ruin those … again.

And there it is.

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I don’t mind them balancing things out (and they buffed a lot more then nerfed)

Though a shame they always do it post launch (could be worse, they could pull an other M2.0)

And i’m actually having fun with a variety of legendaries and non legendary weapons hell, i even use most if not all the quest items.

Liquid cooling and handbow kinda needed the nerfs. Though handbow is hard to use and because of the nerf not actually worth the hassle

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