GBX, I feel like we need compensation

For the post patch mess that happened, the slow responses, the non-existent fixes…this is bad. Really, really bad.

I think that we all deserve a special gold key that gives us M4 loot exclusively for putting up with this unacceptable mess. Because it was unacceptable, as paying customers, we deserve a reasonably functioning product and you took that away from us with a bad quality patch.

Please do right by us, your customers.


you had me until this

because it sounds more like you just dont want to play mayhem 4 for the loot and looking for an excuse


Keep your trolling nonsense out of here please.

in what way what that trolling


Making baseless assumptions. Don’t do that. For starters, you’re wrong, and secondly, that ■■■■ is rude.

then, if i may ask, why mayhem 4 legendaries


In his defense: because they’re especially legendary as they’re gated behind such hard content.

In your defense: that is a good point, honestly.

If I may, as someone who was playing as shield/ammo moze, mayhem 4 wasn’t too hard, it wasn’t easy, and by gods name I didnt touch cov areas, but I played to my strengths and got through it, just last night, me and my friends got through the disclipine trial on m4 with no deaths if I may add

Because nothing else is of decent value at this stage in the game. Normal gold keys are just garbage, to the point of not really worth using and pull from a loot table that everyone’s been pulling from with glitches for months.

I mean, hey, if GBX wants to refund everyone $5 instead, cool…but that’s not really an option.

Another option would be to make a new item, like a BP themed shield that has red flavor text of “We’re Sorry” and have it be a sick shield…that would be great too.

Point being, the compensation needs to be actual compensation, not some trashy gold keys that give us a bunch of purples with maybe a legendary we already have. Gold keys which provide only god rolls would also be acceptable.


You’re right, it’s possible. But the difficulty adds to the value, which he argues would be compensation for the inconvenience of the game. I don’t know if they’d do that anyways.

I don’t feel compensation is necessary, but would appreciate one of two things:

  1. A promise that this is the last installment they’ll ever code using scaleform - or whatever it is (only going off feedback since I’m not employed there) making the game nigh impossible to navigate/play
  2. Hire 8 (more?) testers for content they intend to release, 2 per platform (I included Mac separately) - so that when blatantly obvious things get broken there’s no reason it has to be released for us to find for them.

If they came forward with either of those I wouldn’t even want an apology because I’d be as hyped for the series as I was pre release again.

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I don’t know about compensation.

But they have done a much better job making me not want to play than want to play. I’m glad I have these forums to post on and feel like I’m getting my $100 worth.


My thing is, do the devs just not actually… play their own product? It feels like it sometimes. The blinding explosions were dealt with, but now the damn Maliwan bots cover the screen in corrosive blasts.


No I don’t think we should all get new legendaries, the whole point of these games is to get them yourself. I’d rather see like double or triple experience for a week to boost guardian more.


Lol we live in an age of entitlement as proven by the original poster. Gearbox don’t owe us jack. We paid the money through our own choice. Yes the game wasn’t finished but we all made the choice to buy at launch. Much like l have now made the choice not to play it for a few months because they can’t stop with the hot fixes and l’m certainly not buying the dlc at launch or full price. Soon as you start accepting meagre compensation then they get away with it and do it again (release shoddy bug filled games).


I thought that Gearbox was going to be able to avoid the mistakes of the other big looter shooters because they weren’t always online or technically a ‘Games as Service’ game. But NOPE.

Borderlands 3 is looking to follow the same trajectory as Destiny 1, Destiny 2, The Division, Warframe, and Diablo 3 - “come back in a year or two after we figure out what game we’re making and how to make it fun so we can finish it.”


I’d rather they just concentrate on fixing the game than give any more free content away (even something as small as a special key).

I couldn’t care less about keys, captain haunt or the blacksite I just want to start playing the game now.

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I get that feeling as well which is pretty sad but spot on.

sad but true, and they didn’t learn a lot from any of those games when it comes to core gameplay features either. but, BL3 is still top dog in terms of artistic style and interesting gear, maybe even better gunplay :slight_smile: i must hate myself because despite being annoyed by a lot of things with this game, i can’t put it down.

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This patch has been a nightmare for both Gearbox and us. I very much doubt I am the only one that will now not feel confident in spending another £40 for the season pass until a LOT of stuff is fixed, if that is even possible.

Heads should and probably will roll for this massive car crash of a patch. A shame for all involved.

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