GBX, I feel like we need compensation

I would really like to know, I mean even they there were only 2 or 3 they would’ve come across a few of the most recent bugs.

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This is a fairly extreme “caveat emptor” attitude.

Consumers of a product have rights to the content/service/usage of that product under the terms promised by the seller.

In many contexts, a business selling a product under false pretenses is treated fraud.

I don’t mean to accuse GBX of fraud. That’s far too extreme a characterization of the way they’ve handled BL3. I do mean to say that customers of a company having certain minimum expectatIons of quality, and complaining when those expectations aren’t met, is entirely normal. Such complaints are also a sign of a functioning, competitive market because they both help “keep sellers honest,” which is good for consumers, and help businesses keep tabs on what their customers want.


OK, boomer.


“You’re pretentious so I stopped reading” is always a sign that someone knows their own position is indefensible.

My point was that it’s not “entitlement” to register a complaint with a seller about the quality of their product. It’s entirely normal.


You are 100% right here. It’s perfectly acceptable to register complaints in a polite manner, or to provide constructive feedback.

Asking for ‘compensation’ for coding errors made by mistake, does hint a bit of the entitlement era in gaming atm.


If timely acceptable reparations can’t be made, then just compensation is generally a reasonable expectation. Given that the OP requested bits of code in compensation for a coding error, that seems more equitable than entitled to me.

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That entitlement also seems to be spreading like an infectious disease.

Honestly all I’d ask for is something more upfront and clear on the forums like a locked sticky only they can post in or modify showing a list of all known issues to them. It would add a bit of clarity as to what is actually being worked on in regards to bugfixes and possibly help with getting new things reported sooner.

As for that whole thing by the OP basically saying “gimmie top tier stuff for free because I have a frowny emoji”, Nah, go out there and find it yourself if you actually want it. The other behavior that seems to be spreading like a virus in society in general are people looking for any possible way to get what they want without actually doing anything to earn it.

The furthest I’d go is what someone else mentioned in enabling that exp boost period like we had during the October event for a few days once stuff is fixed.


Hardly. You open a post with a Latin quote where ‘buyer beware’ will suffice. The tone was set immediately with that post and you the poster so l made a choice. A choice to ignore. Much like l made the choice to buy the game at launch. Which was a mistake.

Are we entitled to compensation? No. We are entitled to a game that works though, that is all. Compensation is given when a person has suffered harm or loss. Buying a game that has piss poor qa is not harming me or anyone else on this forum who bought the game at launch. If you think that is extreme and indefensible you need to have a talk to yourself.

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If that is aimed at me, I have played and completed the game with Moze and Zane. I’m holding off on Amara and Fl4k now until the weekly hotfixes stop because rebuilds are a chore.

Testers don’t cover programmer resource to fix the issues raised by QA. Adding more testers doesn’t fix the problem if the problem is programming resource.

Typically, programming resource is always the problem (not speaking specifically about Gearbox, I wouldn’t know), because good programmers cost a lot of money.

It’s also not as simple as “we need X, hire X”. It’s never that simple. It’s never that fast. Even if new hires are possible, you’d still have to onboard them, and that can take weeks. We’re heading into the Christmas period, too. This is why I occasionally get on my high horse about what consumers don’t understand about software development. It’d be cool if every studio had all the resource they needed to fix anything in a reasonable time. But that’s idealistic, and doesn’t solve any issues Gearbox might have right now.


I hate to say it but bad patches are a thing these days and with console platform owners requiring time to check patches (for good reason) the fixes often aren’t quick on those.

We can argue in circles for days but the simple fact is that this is the way things are right now.

I believe the point I’m making is there is no QA…

Cool speculation

Fixed that for you.

I just want them to actually find the problems instead of releasing them to us to find - that’s my point. But please by all means just continue making posts telling me I’m an idiot - let’s forget the forum rules should apply to you as well.

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All teams have QA. You have no way of knowing they don’t.

I didn’t call you an idiot, either.

That said, it seems you’re bringing personal issues into this unrelated to this actual discussion, so I’ll bow out here. My mistake for replying.

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The way you respond says otherwise, you don’t leave topics open for discussion - you decide the other person is wrong from your personal experience and dictate the flow of the conversation. Case in point:

What I’ll agree to is all teams should have QA… But if they honest to god do actually have people in these positions at this time, what are they getting paid to do? Break our game at every turn? I understand the butcher recoil oversight - and prioritizing simple fixes first. Guardian ranks isn’t something that breaks and never gets noticed by people testing end game content.

You don’t see it, but your responses are very oppressive in taste. Choosing words better and allowing for the fact others opinions have merit would benefit you greatly if you actually wanted to have discussions instead.

A nice notion. I would welcome such a gesture but of course its up to Gearbox. We are not entitled to anything, we dont deserve something extra for what happened. I dont consider the suggestion about the special golden key any good tho because 1 day later people will have M4 loot so its not really any token of appreciation or apology.

A special weapon or class skin tho…that would be nice :slight_smile: Call the skin Hardship or something similar ^^

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I personally did not get the oppressive vibe (YMMV) - what I read there is posts by someone who is very likely working in software development and is getting frustrated by some of forum commentary about how SD at GBX works (or should work, to be exact). If you take your own field of expertise and imagine the type of insights and advice you’d be getting here, perhaps you would feel and write the same :slight_smile: .

Forum attitude reminds me recently of the saying: “Every complex problem has a solution that is obvious, easy, and totally wrong”.


My own field of expertise happens to be so large and varied that my personal experiences would only apply to about 65% of others doing my line of work. That said, absolute statements wouldn’t be my choice of communication because it negates too many variables and experiences others may have to share.

Programming in general, but even in just the field of video game design, is very similar and anyone who values conversation or input should take that into consideration. And now we’re completely off topic so I’ll follow suit and bow out.

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god, i was so frustrated reading yesterday’s patch NOTE (see the lack of plural?)

game is friggin riddled with bugs wich are obvious RIGHT after the patch installs… if they did any playtesting they would see their product is bugged and not working properly…

but then again, that ■■■■ was obvious from the main game (i bought it about a month ago) it amazed me how… weird the game was (the unbalance between some vault hunters was the worst)
it’s like they tried to reinvent the weel and made a square one and are now trying to round the edges (to ultimatly end up with a round one again and shrug it off like they actualy did reinvent it)

i payed to much for this game… but all the people who i played BL2 with now refuse to buy it and i’m back playing BL2 with them…

just going to play the season pass and probably never play this game ever again…

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There are WAY to many comments directed at other users here. Time for everyone to chill their jets for a bit and step back.

Please read the FORUM RULES


i dont see the need to demand a “special” key for compensation because of the last patch.

just wait for the next one and not stress over it. Ive seen these kinds of threads plenty and it always ends the same. just be patient, they do listen, they lurk around and listen to the community.

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Because we all paid for a product that was functioning reasonably well and that was messed up by an insane patch that broke a ton of stuff. I mean, that’s bad but okay, ■■■■ happens. Where it crosses the line is no timely fix. It’s not like a few things were broken by the patch. A huge chunk of the game was rendered inoperable, tons of old bugs cropped up again, etc.

It’s very obvious that they didn’t check the branch number for their patch. Even the Flakker uses 4 ammo from the ammo bag again.

So yeah, an apology is needed.

To that end I’d be happy if they created a new legendary shield for anyone affected by the bad patch; A shield named the DP with the red flavor text “We’re Sorrrrrry” and it should release puddles of radiation/corrosive when attacked.

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