GBX, Miko needs a nerf

(Jmorales20) #1

This isn’t really up for debate anymore in my opinion. It’s obvious that as part of a dedicated team, Miko is insane. If you all ever start up any kind of ranked/competitive/esports play Miko is going to be on every team. Pair him up with a good tank or melee character and they’re just too effective. It’s hard to even so much as focus Miko down as he’ll just jump around and play evasive while his partner wails on you.

There’s a couple different ways you could fix Miko (in no particular order).

1 - Give his heal beam an energy pool. Make it so he fires the heal beam and eventually it runs out of energy and needs to recharge. This way he can’t just infinitely heal while you’re trying to take him and his partner out.

2 - Make him a lot squishier.

3 - Lower his heal rate. At his current rate he can heal a character up to full health in only a matter of seconds. Put his heal rate closer to the rate of a supply station, it should be better than a supply station, but only by a bit.

4 - Make his beam something you actually have to aim, more like a laser beam. This would make it harder for the Miko to keep up the heals if you are attacking him. Yes, his partner could still wail on you but he’d no longer be getting healed by Miko while doing said wailing.

I’m sure there are other ideas out there, these are just a few. Regardless, one way or another something needs to be done to tone down Miko’s power as part of a duo.

Miko needs to be addressed

Miko has already received a heavy nerf and is already pretty damn squishy. He dies easily in PvE and all you really have to do is get behind him in PvP (which is pretty easy) to get the drop on him and block his retreat and he’ll go down in the blink of an eye. His healing beam doesn’t heal too much as long as you keep hammering the guy he’s healing. Miko would become obsolete as a healer if you nerfed him this much and I can tell you right now he sure as hell can’t dps in PvP easily.

My opinion. They should have nerfed his healing beam a tiny bit an left his Biosynthesis relatively the same though I will admit it did heal quite a bit before the recent nerf. I can respect your opinion, but I disagree. Nerfing everyone to hell isn’t going to solve any problems. It’ll only raise more.

Also, here’s a good suggestion is you’re having issues…

(Jmorales20) #3

I don’t really understand what his dps has to do with anything. We’re talking about his power as a healer when part of a dedicated duo.

I already mentioned that we have attempted focusing down Miko, the little cartoon is thus pointless and insulting. The problem is that while you’re trying to focus down Miko he’s running in circles and bunny hopping, making him hard to hit. Since his heal beam is a lock-on affair, he doesn’t even stop healing his buddy through all this evasion. His buddy meanwhile starts wailing on you as punishment for ignoring him and attacking Miko. That’s why I made several of those suggestions.

An energy pool would limit this kind of behavior. Rather than Miko and buddy being able to indefinitely stay in your faces, eventually Miko would run out of heal energy and they’d be forced to retreat. If Miko’s beam wasn’t a tracking affair but more like a laser beam, then him and buddy would be punished for going evasive since the heal beam would no longer be on target. If his heal rate was nerfed, you’d actually be able to burst down his partner. We’ve tried bursting down his partner, at Miko’s current heal rate that is a very difficult affair and if you let up fire for even an instant, partner will be back at full health before you can blink.


I apologize, I honestly didn’t mean to insult you and simply found the comic humorous because I have rarely run into any issues when I have attempted what I previously suggested about approaching Miko from behind. I personally have played and fought Miko many times and I rarely have issues with it when not facing them solo.

His healing beam will lock onto anything and everything that is considered an ally so if a bot gets in the way it’ll lock onto it instead of Miko’s intended target. In addition it has a pretty short range (shorter than Ambra’s staff) and if Miko’s target isn’t directly in front of them than the beam will stop and considering the massive amount of CC options characters have it is pretty easy to to knock Miko or his Healing Beam’s recipient out of alignment. Rath is perfect for this. He’s quick and can run behind the duo and simply knock them into the air which stops Miko’s healing and can often fluster the player. Rath then can proceed to wail on Miko until they run away or die.

Giving Miko’s beam a limited pool is just going to put a major dent in his capacity as a healer and the fact that in PvP that’s practically all he’s good for (because of his dps) makes the suggestion a bit too harsh. Alani is a great example of what that would be like and we don’t want redundant healer playstyles. In my experience, as long as two/three people team up on whoever Miko is healing they will go down fairly quickly because Healing Beam honestly cannot keep up with a constant stream of damage very well. PvP is mainly about teamwork and that is what it takes to kill good teamwork.

(Moishesnogue) #5

Miko is fine honestly. All he really can do is heal, nothing else. I mean sheesh look at Alani, Kleese’s heal chair, etc. They can do stuff while healing. And Rath is amazing at taking out Miko. Once he’s silenced he’s already squishy as it is.

You’re not trying hard enough to kill him, please try harder before asking for nerfs. No Miko should be living through a coordinated 1v2 situation.

(bgo) #6

As somebody who has Master of Miko, I really feel like you have no idea how hard it is to be a good Miko. Your point is also invalid.

If you’re trying to 1v2 Miko and Friend, of course you’re going to lose most of the time. If you do a 2v2 and both focus Miko, there’s no way he can stay alive without running. The only thing Miko can do well is heal, so obviously he needs to be able to do that really well, otherwise he’s just worthless.

DPS need to have good DPS. Tanks need to be good at Tanking. Healers need to have good heals.

(Jmorales20) #7

I won’t create a new topic but reallly, Miko needs a nerf. Just played a game where we lost 77-90. Overall, our team was doing really well but we simply couldn’t deal with a Galilea with a pocket Miko. We tried to focus down Miko but then their team would jump us while Miko ran away. We tried to focus Gali but even with me hitting her with priority target Miko was healing faster than we could damage her. Miko needs a nerf, either to his heal rate or he needs to not be able to infinitely heal/self-heal.

(Jcarney6190) #8

I always found it funny when people say, “Miko is just too much because he was hiding behind people and running away when we tried to kill him”. Miko is an absolute beast at keeping people topped up and denying kills. But only when played well and has teammates to support him. If you cannot down him or the person he is healing that’s your fault. It shouldn’t be the characters fault because the other team had more teamwork than yours did.

(Jmorales20) #9

This is the standard response and I’m tired of dealing with it, heck I already dealt with it in my original post. Miko is not an easy target to hit and his allies will punish you for focusing on him. I know to “focus the healer” and my team has tried to do exactly that and it is incredibly difficult to do. Especially in PUG matches. Yeah, if all 5 of us were on mic we could just declare Miko “Enemy #1” (which is kind of weird IMO). Anyway, whatever, you have your opinion, I have mine. I think Miko needs some looking at. GBX hasn’t shown any inclination to nerf him so far but at least I can keep it on their radar. Thanks for your time.

(Jcarney6190) #10

Sadly for you that is THE response. You cannot expect great results for pug matches. And of course they are going to punish you for trying to kill their holy grail. Most people know that if they have a dedicated healer on their team that they should keep him alive at all costs regardless if they die in the process. It’s not just MY opinion to say that the answer is focus the healer but more so that people need to work together more. I consider myself a very good Miko player and even with the build that I have a gears selection that I have chosen I cannot outright heal anyone that is being attacked by 2 people. If 2 people are actually landing more of thier hits and abilities there isn’t anything I can do to prevent that death. If anyone is saying that they can ouright heal thru 2 people attacking them and the hits are constantly making contact with the target they are lying.

(Penguin connoisseur.) #11

Unless it’s Attikus and Kleese attacking; then MAYBE. Haha.

(Jcarney6190) #12

Tazer Kleese for the win. Well until he is lvl 8 and gets the 25% boost to his Tazer haha. At that point I would be slightly nervous haha!!!

(Jmorales20) #13

That’s just false in my experience. Miko’s heal rate is out of this world especially on someone who has health regen or lifesteal like a Gali or Montana.

Anyway, I’ve nothing else to say beyond what I’ve already said. My point to GBX is that it is not so simple as “focus the healer”, if it was, I wouldn’t think he needs a nerf.

(Jcarney6190) #14

I have with gear roughly 30% extra healing which is pretty high in my opinion. There is no way that 2 toons that are hitting consistently on a target that is not trying to get away that he can be saved with Miko only heals. Of you can show me that happening I would gladly agtee with you.

(JadeCrust) #15

STOP ASKING FOR NERFS PEOPLE. MORE BUFFS ARE NEEDED. We need to get people’s interest! Isn’t it more exciting to see ‘Oooh Whiskey and Attikus have been buffed! Can’t wait to try them out!’. How is nerfing exciting? If it’s game breaking, yes it does need a nerf. But seriously, I rather have weaker battleborns be buffed and giving them some limelight and so more characters for us to play.

(Gt: YaCantDutchThis) #16

I am going to agree with this. I play Miko a lot. (I wouldn’t be surprised if I have like 100 hours of Miko in the CTT, Beta and full game combined.) And I can’t outheal people being hit by 2 battleborn. I have gear that gives me about 33% more heal power, and I always go for a full healing build.
Maybe I can outheal this sometimes, but that is when the enemies are simply missing the target. Or one is targeting me, and the other is targeting my partner. Which happens a lot by the way, which isn’t a very good tactic. ;p

(Ka-Klaw) #17

His biggest issues is that his heal is not constrained to a CD.
Every other healer is constrained to cd’s even if in Alani’s case it’s potentially very small and Ambra her beam heal is pitiful

Thus every healer as seen with Alani will need to be pretty crazy to compete Miko as a support

(AuldWolf) #18


You realise that you’re suggesting destroying Miko, right? You’ve gone way overboard. But when in Rome…

Whoopee! Yes, let’s nerf Miko into the ground. Then let’s nerf him, and her, and them too. And then the cycle begins anew until everyone is doing 1 point of damage and healing with every skill, along with their basic attacks.

This is why I can’t wait for them to unlink PvP and PvE balancing. Please, Gearbox. If you’re going to play up to this insanity (which you did start and encourage with those ham-fisted nerfs), then you really need to separate the two.

This is just pure madness at this point.

(Ericfriedman94) #19

That is incorrect… Miko has no support other than his heal and slow/stun he has 1 cc and heals that’s all he does… Alani has 3 cc effects knock back slow knockup/bind
Also able to give damage reduction and speed boosts… Miko why put a cd on the only thing a charecter does? Makes no sense what so ever… And if you and your team are working together (in response to others posts on here) and can’t kill a Miko then try not being bad… I main Miko but love seeing them on enemy team it’s an easy kill when playing as any mellee or mid ranged (especially if you have teamates!)

(Jmorales20) #20

I really don’t see how I’ve gone “way overboard” when I’ve presented a suite of options. Honestly, I’m not 100% sure how to fix Miko which is why I presented several ideas, I never expected that all of them would be implemented because yeah, that would be ridiculous. Anyway, there is no sign GBX cares what my opinion on Miko is or that he will be nerfed. GBX has done a very good job with the balance on this game and people whining about “too many nerfs” are just grating at this point. Everyone who has been nerfed obviously needed it and buffing everyone to match the level of Alani in her original OP form would have just made the game less fun as we would be murdered any time Rath so much as looked at us funny.

Well, given this topic has been resurrected, my opinion hasn’t changed. If anything, since making this original post I’ve now not only fought against Miko partner teams but have played as one and it is absolutely insane. I played as Galilea and my buddy was Miko and unless like 3 of the enemies were focusing me down (and fortunately for them they had a good Benedict), I was impossible to kill. We won the match handily because I could push push push and stay in lane all day long. Killing my buddy was pretty difficult too as Miko is a small and mobile target and anyone who started attacking my buddy I would relentlessly attack as punishment.

Overall, Miko can heal any character up to full health in a matter of seconds, it’s insane, I’ve never seen anything like it in any other MOBA I can think of and no other healer in this game compares. Is it impossible to beat a Miko with a partner? Well, no. Is it insanely difficult? Yes, it is and if this game ever gets any kind of ranked/tournament mode I guarantee you every team is going to run Miko, he’s just that good.

Again though, GBX doesn’t show any signs I’m aware of that they’re planning to nerf Miko no matter what I say and overall, that’s fine. Fortunately I don’t run into a Miko coordinating with a teammate often enough for it to ruin my experience with the game and my buddies and I don’t run a Miko combo often because it makes us feel kind of dirty.