GBX, please buff the Shadoculars

Now I’m not one for asking for gear buffs (alamo was rediculous, but now it’s barely useful, I still don’t want it buffed badly enough to start a thread on it) But why?

Shadoculars (reduces CC and increases heal power) Special effect: gains (3.4 to 3.7ish %?) movement speed while blinded

This is useless. There is one battleborn that can blind you off the bat (caldarius) who’s blind lasts one second. I believe there is another battleborn that can blind with a helix upgrade late game (if so, it’s also probably 1 second). And lastly, the heeliophagic goggles blind once every 5 seecond when you get a critical melee hit.

So if 2 of the 26 current battleborn manage to blind you, or someone with a 1800 critical hit piece of gear manages to crit you, for the one second that blinding lasts, you WILL MOVE 3.60% FASTER. on top of that, if blindness counts as a cc (not sure it does) it won’t even last 1 seecond ,because this item is a helmet.

Someone explain or someone fix it so it does something other than affect the least used cc in the game. It is a waste of shards (but good for a laugh)


It is the only legendary I’ve gotten (and I got it twice) that immediately goes in the trash. I’ll take 250 shards easy over keeping that useless scrap in my collection.

Orendi can blind quite early by augmenting Nullify (I Hate Your Pretty Eyes at 2), and I seem to recall another that does besides Caldarius, too, but you are right in that blind is fairly uncommon.

The itemization on the legendary gear is really all over the place. Given they all cost 1800 shards it is logical to assume they should all be, in their own niche, roughly as powerful. However, this gear item is far too niche and thus either needs to be very, very strong in what it does or do something else. In other words, if it is all about countering blind, then make it so it does a lot when you are blinded, because the current effect sucks.

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personally, because of the very few ways to be blinded and the inability to be blinded in pve (not saying other gear isn’t pvp based only) I would like them to take the name and apply it to another situation related to cc effects. That or reducing/eliminating the time you are blinded.