GBX, please let us see Battleborn stats (attack dmg, attack spd, health, etc)

As much of the gear is based off percentages, it would really be helpful if we could see the stats so we can decide on gear loadouts. You can tuck this away in a sub-screen somewhere as I’m sure you don’t want the game to seem overcomplicated to new players, however it would just really be helpful. When I’m looking at someone like Shayne & Aurox for example, I’d like to know if she has more attack damage or attack speed, so I can know what I should focus on with her. As higher base stats will benefit more from percentage based gear, it would just help us make more informed choices when building gear loadouts.

For now try this

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Thanks! Woo boy that is complex so I get why they don’t put that kind of info front and center, it would scare people away. Would be nice to have some way to get to it in game but this link is great for the time being. Thanks again.

I just linked it, thank the people that took the time to figure it all out