GBX, Please put on some tournaments


Please put on some tournaments. The reddit tourney had like 20+ teams on Xb1 alone. With the new spectator mode added to the game, I feel like you guys are missing a great opportunity to promote the game. Many will stream the tournaments and you guys could stream the casting of some of the matches. I have played in a few private matches that have been casted, then watched the game back and it’s so awesome. A shame to let the feature go to waste. Players that want to stream the matches could even just host the GBX twitch, etc.

There are plenty people who are going to put on tournaments in the future, but GBX has the ability to do awesome things with their resources, ability to give loot packs for winners, ability to provide casters that know what they’re talking about, etc.

I think having casters with knowledge of the game is essential. Many people who have interest in tournaments want to play in them, not cast them. This is where GBX comes in!


Yo what really would get it going is if on participation you were given a SHIFT code to a rare loot packs, make it past a certain point get epic loot packs and if it is big enough maybe a smaller cash prize.

I think that’d be awesome.

That’s what they did for the reddit tourney. Everyone gotta loot pack for participating, but 1st place got legendaries, etc.

if gbx threw their own tournament, legendary gear would be allowed and their wouldnt be drafts or bans. i used to think they were trying to make the game have a competitive side, but since the lootpacalypse i have completely changed my mind.

Idk they supported the Reddit tourney and the Reddit tourney had standard competitive rules. You’re probably right though…

I would love this.

No offense, asiah, but can we get some matchmaking first?

Yes, would love that equally. It’s not fun pubstomping all day.

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I do understand the need to fix matchmaking for the casual community. On the flip side though, they really do need to show more love to the competitive scene of this game. In reality its going to be the competitive players that are playing this game long after the casuals stop for something else.

And they are missing a huge opportunity to bring more players in by watching BB tourneys on twitch, etc. Watching a good competitive BB game that is casted by people who know what they’re talking about is awesome. Will probably draw people in.


Yeah, that would be great too. Don’t mind me, I’ve just been eating a lot of turf lately, lol.


Server issues, matchmaking issues, character balancing and the question of gear all still need to be addressed before any sort of competitive side can really get going to coincide with the growing player base.

Sure it’s a great idea but just far too soon.

I was honestly thinking about this the other day. I wanted to get the feedback from the community for a player run event. I would gladly manage it, but my biggest fear is dealing with the people who are going to whine and complain because they’re not happy it’s not exactly the way they want it. And first place would only bring bragging rights.
I’m almost certain that we might be able to get some help from someone at GB in some minor fashion if it turned out to be a big event. Actually, I would almost “demand” that they get their own team together!
I’m all for no legendarys, 1 or 2 ban per team, the 1-2-1 hero selection, etc. But right away I can already hear the shakes… "That’s dumb! No legendarys!!! Raaaaawr!"
Maybe I’ll make a post later and see if I can get some feedback; this would be for PC only. Too much to handle the other platforms unless I come up with a good system and someone on the console side wants to do their own in parallel.

If you promote it on the subreddit, there will be many teams that register. ALLLL the tourneys have been in the fashion you describe and the competitive player base welcomes these rules…at least on XB1.

And now, if you were to do a tourney for instance, you could cast it with spectator mode and stream it. The matches would be awesome to watch from third person perspective with commentary.

If you need any help or have questions about past tourneys just message me on here on XBL mlgx420yoloswag. I’ll do anything I can. Last xb1 tourney had like 20 teams. It was no legendaries and 2 bans each. It worked out very well and was a blast.

The majority of the competitive people seem to be on the subreddit, not these forums so I would start there in promoting it, etc.

Edit: Would still be awesome, even if on PC. Especially if you could get people to cast the matches and stream it…that is a big thing IMO. Makes the matches much more fun to watch.

PC has a tournament already scheduled for the 13th and i think a few more after that. People gotta be signing up with their teams

Yeah we ended up just putting one on for xb1 for the 13th as well. Promoting the crap out of it so should get 10 or so teams…

Saw you in my stream last night (SteveMerkle) thanks for watching!