GBX: Please rework Force Feedback

This is a perk found on Moze’s Shield of Retribution (Red Tree) which reads “Whenever Moze scores a Critical Kill, her shields immediately begin recharging”.
The problem is at end game, enemies can stop your regen instantly buy shooting you not to mention this is an enferior skill to the Gaurdian Rank perk called Shield Reboot. This perk does the samething except no critical hit is required.

Possible solution:
*Grant a % based amount of shield back on kill and include a passive 10-20% regen on either health or shields.
*Similar to Calm, cool, collected, make it so that of health is full (that way players are not forced to spec into Thin Red Line) shields regen.

Thoughts Moze Mains?

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i would rather it be % of max shield as opposed to regen. something like 15-20% if it stayed as critical kill, 3-5% if it was just changed to kill, which i’m much more in favour of. the concept of scoring critical kills is a design flaw of not thinking past mayhem 3.

in m4, targets are far too much health to reliably score kills with critical hits. we have too many alternate damage sources going at once, that its usually a DOT or alternate source of some kind that actually takes the last bit of health of a target. at the rate that targets constantly move, and the number of targets with highly abnormal crit spots, a skill based off of critical kills is a dud from the start.

i would rather see FF at 3-5% on kill, and also have behind the iron curtain give .3-.5% max shield per crit hit, and reward a stacking value for continuous crits. BtIC is just as bad as FF imo. worse, really.


So basically give her Gaige’s Bload Soaked Shields? I dig it tbh. A lot of BL2 skills returned (albiet changed like Fl4ks Two F4ng), so I wouldn’t be opposed to it. Besides, BSS was half the fun of playing Gaige.