GBX, PLEASE start using restrait in your nerfs (and un-neuter the legendaries to a happy medium)

Let me preface in saying I was in favor of some nerfing on the legendaries… Some gradual nerfing…

There is no reason to swing the nerf sledgehammer so hard. Its supposed to be gradual, because when its not, its really infuriating to the other spectrum of players who didnt feel a nerf was even necessary. If you do it little by little, you wont have to zig zag with the buffs and nerfs (Ghalt comes to mind) and wont anger an entire spectrum of users on the other side. Right now is a time for finesse, especially with a bleeding playerbase like we have.

As someone said in another thread “Even if big changes are warranted, you NEVER want to see things like 25%>3% (holy shit!), 500>2000, or 120>45 in a change log. You want to balance things, not neuter them.”

This strikes really true. I want to stop being embarrassed playing this game. It was hard enough with all the bad marketing and optimization issues, but as of last night it’s to the point where I deny playing it at all when my friends ask if I still am.


Preach my brother!


We already have a fourm on this.
I cant comment on the legendaries as i dont have them but alani needed it.

I agree she needed it, but not that hard. I now smile when shes on the other team. Such easy prey who pales in comparison to Miko. Shes the new Whiskey Foxtrot IMO

Haha she really not.
She still a top pick and i see her most games then nerf her damage and its still better than reyna. She a support now she will be played like one.
She not easy pery chances are your just good or they just bad and dont know she not op anymore.


She was due for a large nerf. How can a support class lead damage and healing meters in a game without buffing other healers such as Miko to her level? When was the last time you saw Miko out-dps everyone else in a game while topping healing?
Her damage was so strong most players only used her healing kit to heal themselves. If you know how to play her well she is still strong.


It’s impossible to please everyone. If they didn’t nerf Alani, people would complain about that. If they nerfed her but only a tiny bit, people would complain they didn’t do enough. They do a substantial nerf, and people complain. Personally, I think Alani is finally right where she should be. A useful support character but not a DPS monster. Overall, I’ve been very pleased with the balance GBX has managed to achieve in this game, considering they’re dealing with 25 characters and this is a new game they’ve done a bang-up job.


If she wasnt supposed to deal good damage, then why is one of her lore challenges to kill 25 Ambras? *mic drop

@rickbaker88, Preach my brother!

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Okay everyone is missing the point. Alani is an afterthought. The legendaries are the focus, read the title please

Harder to comment as I don’t think I have any of those legendaries. My impression is they want the gear to help give a boost, but not totally transform the character. Which is pretty different from most other MOBAs where gear makes or breaks your character. I rather like that BB is the way it is as it lets me build gear loadouts to suit my style but doesn’t mean I’m screwed out the gate if I have less than optimal gear. Heck, I once went into a game as Shamrox but accidentally picked gear I had meant for Alani, I did just fine though and actually had one of my better games as the Dynamic Duo. So if GBX feels those legendaries were too strong, I’m inclined to trust their judgment in this case.

Excuse me but you’re talking about “nerf” in the title and legendaries in brackets, looks to me like nerf was the main point.

Alani deserved that nerf and I still believe “healing” (miko and alani mainly) deserve to be balanced.

Legendaries are expensive to activate and hard to obtain, doesn’t mean they should be OP
I don’t see anything wrong with the nerf of the legendaries, AT ALL.

The only thing I agree with in your argument was the 500-2000 change, everything else was pretty much needed. Plasmite transducer had people with 3 legendaries equipped within minutes of a match start, that is way too strong and need a huge nerf, I would have gone down to 5% but thats just because I prefer the number 5 to 3. Everything else was needed Alani was stupidly OP for a healer. Now her damage matches the character we can most closely compare her to Reyna. It is actually a choice between Alani and Reyna now , instead of just Alani.

Why is tody meant to get 10 doubles kills with his ult. Must buff ult to 100-0 2 people
Why is ghalt meant to get 10 first bloods when he is slow. Must make him the fastest chatacter.
Gal 25 kills to ambra. Gal Must have the best dps.
No lore challage does not demind what they do Also they changing thoses lore

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Missing the point here. Yes 25% was WAY to high, and I called for nerfs, but 3%??? At 3% it takes 60000 damge AFTER activating it to get a return on investment. Ummmmm what? Thats insane. Unless you are Montana standing in the middle of the map with a pocket Miko, good luck getting even a third of your investment back.

Thats what the arguments are about.

Grays and blues are now better than legendaries, in price AND function. for people who spent countless hours of grinding just to have the rug ripped out from under them is completely messed up.

The legendaries needed nerfs, but not like this… Not like this…


I gaurantee you dont have the legendaries then, else you would realize they are now rendered useless. Please dont make statements about things you have no perspective on.

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You don’t need the legendary item to figure out they were outrageously OP
25% of damage received converted into shards ? yeah, not broken.

Correct me if I am wrong, but plasmite transducers are primarily a damage reduction piece of equipment so you shouldn’t be able to rely solely on that piece of gear to generate shard period. It’s legendary stat still helps a lot when it comes to generating shards, so I still think the reduction was good because it does it’s job still.

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The size of the nerf means nothing, so long as the end result puts the game in a balanced state. This is true for all things, gear and characters. And some things can over perform to that extreme.
If a nerf that large was warranted it doesn’t matter how long it takes to reach that point, people will be upset about it. And the further you drag it out, the more dishonest it seems. People will find reasons to be upset either way.

Ever wonder how that design meeting went? It should have gone like*:

3% seems a bit low. It will basically pay for itself, though, on a tank, which I guess isn’t terrible. But you have to save shards early instead of using them on other things. There’s a significant opportunity cost

  • please note, this is all in fun. I do not actually endorse throwing Gearbox employees out of windows.