GBX: Please tell Iron Galaxy to fix the vita version

Hi guys. First post on new forums but have used the old ones for quite some time. So yeah, the vita version. It is practically unplayable and very broken/glitchy. The support for this game is sub par. I was thinking about making this thread a petition but realized that most of the vita players have moved on to less glitchy/more playable games and so there wouldn’t be many signatures. This is my list of problems for this game:
Crashes constantly(once per hour or so)
FPS drops
Very glitchy
No support(it’s like this game doesn’t exist, just terrible communication)<=my biggest problem

I don’t know what you can do GBX but please try to make iron galaxy fix the game. Thank you. Also, any vita players reading this (if any) please share your thoughts about the game in a constructive manner.

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Op,l too have this version along with the PS3 version and while l see your points l disagree with it being as unplayable as you see it. I enjoy it for what it is and accept what it is not but that’s my opinion.

The game isn’t exactly broken. I used to think the same as well. But now I realize people are expecting a little too much of borderlands 2 for the PS Vita. I mean a lot of games that are transferred to vita is dumbed down at least a little bit. Let me just say this, it’s borderlands… ON A DAMN HANDHELD. :slight_smile:

If you plan on releasing borderlands-2 on a handheld. You have to understand the consumer’s point of view. Especially the ones who love the original game.

Don’t listen to this guy he is a scrub. (averill that is(i know him personally))

Hi the game is a bit glitchy but after the update they did its not that bad you wanna play with me I’m a level 34 psycho psn is darkdefiler12

While I don’t think that it’s unplayable, it is a pretty bad port. Bad FPS aside (That was kind of a given, considering how the game looks), it’s the crashes and texture corruption that really make it almost unplayable.
That and the MANY visual bugs (black textures/boxes on the ground and items, invisible weapons,…) and the on/off sounds from walking/running/jumping, makes it all feel like I’m playing an early beta of the game.
Don’t get me wrong, I still play it daily, but it’s a real shame the game turned out like this. Personally, I’d recommend it to people who like/have BL2, but with a big warning about the quality of the game. But for people that never played the game or have any other console or a PC, you’re better off playing in one of those platforms.

What we need is patch that fix broken trophy and missing ancient relic from inventory and one missing borderlands sign. Some fixes on maps and object. They not have textures :frowning: On latest patch 1.07 (NA) or 1.05 (EU) Framerate is nice but still game have some issues with crashes and freezes…

Some graphical bugs need sorted but its far from unplayable. Freaked out a kid on the bus who was playing pokemon and kept going LOOK AT THIS for no real reason ¬_¬

I whipped out my Vita and he lost his ■■■■ when he seen the Vita has BL2 >:D

I just wish Gearbox would advertise that version more. But yeah bug fixes would be great.