Gbx plz fix broken game b4 nerfing fun guns ok

excuse for bad English am from Philippines

why gbx always is nerfing fun guns when the game borderlands 3 is unplayable a lot

i did curcles of slaghter many times 2day and bugs and glitches non stop happening all the time

boss no spawn

flying enemy stuck up ceiling cant kill cant end round

join match spawn in roof of level cant move cant die cant respawn

icon to start slaghter mission not aparing

did curcles for 6 hour today want trophy for doing all curcles couldnt get trophy cuz couldnt finish malawan or creeture curcle cuz of no spawn bosses or stuck up ceiling flying enemies

& now all fun guns for us being nerfed all the time

this game hard nuff to play y u take the things we have fun using away

plz gbx fix your game not your guns i want to love this game but hard it is right now wit so many glitches

sorry for anger

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