@GBX - "Possibly a Vampire" - Venture Brothers Reference?

Honestly, I have to ask. I had the episode “Eeny Miney Magic” pulled up thinking that Id see it… and then I started playing.

Is Rath’s “Possibly a Vampire” skin a reference to VB?

Cause you know how boned up I get about venture brothers @JoeKGBX

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As long as they never make a Jefferson Twilight skin. Then I might actually have to play Rath.

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A twilight skin would work best on Rath. To be honest though, he seems a bit squishy to earn it.

On a related note, the Brock Samson head in BL2 is the only reason I played sal.

I liked it, dont get me wrong, but doubling your dps for indefinite amounts will do that to you.

Also as a note, if I’m remembering the line correctly, it seems like hank says at some point “possibly a dracula” during the orpheus introduction. But I havent been able to focus to confirm.

For the record, id pay for an Orpheus skin on Orendi (even though I hate playing her) or a monarch skin for Benedict (again, even though I hate playing him).

Which shames me. The only others I can think of for the characters I play would be a Brock skin for Dragon, and either a H.E.L.P.er skin for toby or a molotov skin for Gal.

Rath would make a PERFECT Monarch.

Be still my beating heart…

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No way. Orendi for sure.

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Playstyle wise and aethstethics wise, its benedict. Constant gliding and delivering big shots = the monarch.

I can see that.

I can also see Alani done up as Dr. Orpheus and shouting “Do not be too hasty entering that room, I had TACO BELL for lunch!”

That… wouldn’t be a bad one. Now that you guys have me thinking about it…

Kleese - Jonas Venture Jr.- Because oh my god, obviously.

El Dragon - Brock Samson - Similar Fighting Styles, although he could be beefier.

Marquis - H.E.L.P.er - Although it pains me to admit that marquis wins again against the sniper race on toby, the looks write themselves..

Rath - Jefferson Twilight - As discussed with @Misguided in this thread… two swords, vampirey, makes too much sense.

Deande - Molotov Coqtuiz - Cause… I mean really.

Orendi - Dr. Orpheus - I think she hits it better than orpheus, personally. That being said, we don’t have a good dracula outside of Rath right now.

LOL, that’s PERFECT!

But you forgot the two clones, Oscar Dean and Whiskey Hank.

And, of course, Toby as Jonas Jr.

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Mmm, y’know I’d thought kleese fit jonas more properly at first, but if toby gets to be jonas jr, then I think Kleese gets to be Thinktank(!), then I think we’re ok.

Curse you people, now I want to rewatch all Venture Bros. episodes again.

As for a suggestion, how about Baron Ünderbheit as Attikus?

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I can honestly say that I don’t know. I’m not personally familiar w/ VB. You guys are all well aware that the influence list for Battleborn is pretty lengthy though. I can’t confirm it myself, but it wouldn’t surprise me.