Gbx seems to abandon atlas in the future

in wonderlands apparently there is no atlas
they renamed aside from torgue all weapon manufacturers
the only one missing is atlas ( as far as i see)

since we dont get any atlas guns that arent the exact same as the ones we already have
in bl3, i can assume they might have abandoned the idea of atlas weapons for the future.

i still think they did atlas thought, man so many cool ideas with tracking bullets
then they did 5 of them and thought… maybe another day we get to make a few more

Isn’t Wonderlands set earlier than BL3 in the timeline?

i.e. before Rhys revives it?

(yeah that’s an incredibly mild spoiler, I know)


Tales takes place immediately after TPS’s Sanctuary cutscenes which are supposed to be right after Assault on Dragon Keep IIRC. If that wasn’t retconned then there you have it.

Atlas weapons have tracking tech so maybe it’s not very fitting for fantasy.


But guns in general are? I think it’s probably the continuity thing or they’re just dumping the manufacturer after its mixed reception in BL3.

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Atlas seems neglected from the start in BL3. Think there’s 10 legendary guns total and one of those can’t drop with anointments and another is just for reviving other players so it’s really just 8 guns. Compare that with Jakobs or Maliwan with 40+ choices each and the lukewarm reception makes sense.

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They already kinda flubbed Atlas in 3. The Rebel Yell and Carrier are jokes, the Linc and Peacemonger can’t drop anointed…
Idk, can the OPQ System, Replay, and Hex carry them?

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Gorbles solved it straight away. Job done.


i think in fantasy atlas guns can totaly work
i could write down a few
gun shooting fireflies or other insect like things that search for an enemy ( maybe bees?) and the tracker is feromones

crystals like halo needler

magic bullets

there are options to make it work

but the concept of tracking bullets seems to not be a thing they like

to be fair, they seem to rly make no attempt to make some unique atlas weapons
most are rly sad and simple

so many fun options


OK, in Universe there is a weird plot quirk that plays into this subject of Atlas:

By the time Tina was playing Bunkers and Badasses in Borderlands 2 Atlas didn’t exist on Pandora. Athena pretty much ran through them before Jack bought them out. There would be no reason for her to put them in the game, or at least as much reason as there would be to have S & S Munitions back in the game or Scav.

Atlas doesn’t exist until after Tales from the Borderlands, and at that point their only item is a Hyperion shotgun with Atlas branding, the late great “Company Man”. Basically the closest you got to a Butcher in TPS. One thing they didn’t make explicitly clears was where Rhys stood in the hierarchy of Hyperion. Vasquez was dead, Helios was down, and yet, they are a presence in BL3, with no indication of who was running the company, or from where. It wasn’t Rhys or Vaughn, that much we know.

By the time Borderlands 3 is in play Atlas is struggling to avoid being taken over. Their having a small product line and limited inventory makes sense, as does their having niche features since Atlas was so keen on keeping all their patents to themselves (Marcus’s Promethea Echoes explain it). They likely couldn’t afford to be sued by other companies for infringing on theirs.


Jacktrap - The last remaining fragment of Handsome Jack’s brain, wired into a CL4P-TP bot. Best CEO Hyperion has ever had.

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i mean yes sure but,
the fact they chose to do this was a pre meditated decision

its not like they could not have returned atlas and make them a mix with eridian weapons
magic inworld weapons that shoot anything from stardust to bees, and call it a day here
but they very specifically chose to keep the others

so rly, while you CAN explain everything with in world lore
in the end it just means atlas didnt pay off the way it should have in bl3
so they decided against having them

thats the bottom line


You’re entitled to your opinion, but it’s not fact.
You’re free to pronounce it as you feel fit, but that does not make it any more valid a point.
It by no means refutes anyone else’s observations or opinions until it’s substantiated by statements alluding to the fact by Gearbox Developers or some other official channel of communications.

So, your “why” doesn’t outweigh mine until we hear otherwise.

Just give me a washed up Rhys, tearfully covering Etta James “At Last” (:musical_note:Aaaaaaatlaaaaaasss…:musical_note:), in drag, in a seedy cocktail bar.

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Here’s a thought, again lore based:

Based on the fate of Maliwan and Jakobs, Atlas is uniquely positioned to grow as a Manufacturer and expand their operations thanks to their alliance with the Crimson Raiders. They will have access to any Eridian tech that’s left, and won’t be as reluctant to use it as Jakobs has been since Project Endless Horizons. Those two factors, an wide-open marketplace, and access to new tech, could open the door to their being more and better Atlas weapons in future games.

As an aside, hopefully by the time Borderlands 4 arrives, Atlas will be a higher profile brand in the series by virtue of being featured in the non-canon movie adaptation since the main villains are affiliated with Atlas. We shall see.