GBX, seriously, do something about pocket Miko

He’s simply too powerful. His heal beam needs a cooldown or needs to be aimed or some other kind of fix. A pocket Miko is just zero fun to play against.

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Your going up against 2 players. Unless you have someone with you, you’re at a disadvantage. If it were 2v2 and you both focus on Miko then this is a nonissue.


Well just target miko, pendles is good against him (he has such few health and big crit full health don’t matter) besides I hate it when I have a pocket miko on MY team, I mean seriously contribute more to the team


There’s nothing wrong with a pocket Miko, if anything, it leaves the other team members vulnerable. I’ve pocket healed plenty of times ( temporarily to keep a tank alive and sustained) but sustained too much damage that’s forced me to back off. I’ve been stunned, slowed, blinded. All which prevented me from healing my teammates. Miko can sometimes be difficult to deal with, but if you have backup, he’s very easy to take out if he’s alone. CC effects make him much easier to deal with. Weakening his heal beam in any way would make him useless. He’s a sustain healer, not a burst like Alani or a station healer like Ambra. His healing can be overpowered by more than one damage source focusing on your ally.

(I say he by default, we all know it’s an “it”)

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You know I’m getting real sick of these threads, popping up everywhere in the Battleborn section. I’m pretty sure GBX is aware of how powerful each character is and doubly what they lack. I’ve always said, it’s not usually the character. Yes - ok, some characters beat other characters out with their movesets but it’s usually the skill of the player behind that said character. It’s in shooters, it’s in mobas, it’s in fighting games. There is a meta but it’s the skill of the player that usually what makes a character seem OP.

And if a character really gets out of control. Gearbox will handle it.

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They added wound. Take Cald and Whiskey and burn them down.


I temporarily pocket miko, but only until the Montana eventually thinks I’m his permanent pocket and starts running into danger. I try to keep everyone full health all the time, then build (I get like 4 shards per second so its easy), then kill minions if no one is there. I throw Spores on cooldown as I choose increased slow, trail, and aoe to control a large area.

They already did. They added Wound and lowered his health. If you’re failing to kill him now you’re just being outplayed.


But I bet you don’t just heal when not needed and that you fight

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Yeah then I’ll chuck for the kill or kill buildables. I have seen some just stick to their protector.

That’s a miko like to be with

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Lost track of how many times I’ve watched Miko, Ambra or Alani panic because their big chunky tank is suddenly losing health thanks to the half-pound of scrap my Whiskey just lodged in their face. :smiley:


The biggest problem that I have with pocket Miko is that his ability to self-heal is obscene, to the extent that you can have him down to 10% health and all he has to down is turn a corner and heal something, even just a minion, for a second or two and he’ll be back to full health. This also means that focusing on him instead of the person he’s healing takes forever, since he can still heal himself just as effectively – in fact, even MORE effectively – while continuing to heal his allies.


It’s been said, but that’s why so many characters gained Wound. Healing had a bigger impact on the metagame than GBX originally anticipated, so they took appropriate action. Heck, a lot of characters got it by default, without even needing a Helix to unlock their Wound skill.

That’s what Miko DOES, though. They heal and run fast. Rest of the kit is unremarkable. Spore Bombs can be effective for assisting in kills, but often a Miko has to save their CC as a butt-saver when the opposing team comes for them.

(I’m going third-person plural for Miko pronouns, and Kelvin. Not only genderless, but also a collective being.)


When I play Miko, I’m a team healer, but Miko is much more effective as a pocket. 170 hps without gear? Yup

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Mikos crit spot though… It’s f*ckin huge and when he’s stunned he pretty much presents it to you.

Am i the only one who uses my ult occasionally just to avoid being killed by crits?

I do that when I play miko as well

I find this hilarious. Miko has been hit … Six times now? He’s fine. He’s easy to kill, yet has survivability. He’s just the easiest healer to use therefore everyone thinks he’s overpowered. Ambra and Alani both have higher heal amounts post match when used correctly. But they’re harder up use than beam to heal.
Therefore a good Miko is hard to face. Not overpowered. You just have to either snipe, focus, or cc him. Standing behind Montana Miko sucks, but is still beatable.

Honestly i main miko nd hes not overpowered, people just get annoyed because they always have to focus him first before advancing on other targets. Get on him w some cc nd he gets squished so fast. 90% of the games i play the other team knows im pocket healing, yet theyll stun, pull, slow, (whatever), the first character that comes into there crosshairs instead of attacking me. Theres a reason oscar mike will always say focus that healer when he sees miko…