Gbx Server Issues

So, I got this just minutes ago, and wasn’t able to rejoin match, so I guess this was for everyone “matchmaked” with me there.
Now, I had some pathetic matchmaking games today, and in-game players counter shows below 400 souls. And now got not lags, not Steam disconnects nor ISP problems, but server side “thing”.
Are we now have dedicated servers issues as well? Or is it something elese?


It’s a thing, we all get it, in every game node, and none of us knows why.

Someone should check that the server wasn’t left with a monitor plugged in and the SETI screen saver running… (I read of something like that happening one time!)

Never gotten it. Been playing decently lately

OK, today got another server error(s). Repeatedly, in Story Mode matchmaking. Just when I almost have a full team for it (Normal, but still something). And then it drops this

Hope those won’t become more and more frequent as game “declines”. We suppose to have reforms, right?

I’m on [XBOX ONE]

Same here, tried matchmaking for the Attikus Operation and got the error-meesage that the server has an internal error. It happens after the server assembled a full team 3/3.

EDIT 1) It also happens in the normal Story queue.
EDIT 2) private Operation also tells - internal server error.

Now this is ridiculous.
We actually have ppl to play, actually have will to play (Normal, serioulsy, I must be getting desperate), while this happens. This is clearly on a dev side, no more low playerbase excuses, I’m actually pissed, for the first time since Prologue performance.

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GBX has no control over Steam’s servers. Blame Steam, not GBX.

[XBO] here and i get the error -message.

I got the same error message too!

Aw, I wanted to play Battleborn again. :’(

It’s down on pc and Xbox for my friend and i. Damn, we were really wanting to play together!

Gbx’s game, Gbx’s deal, no excuses I’m not contacting middle man, it’s Gearbox’s job to secure maintenance of a basic game infrastructure…FGS!

Same issue on PS4 as of the last 30 minutes, @Gulfwulf.

As soon as team is/teams are complete and mission/match about to start, we get disco’s with “Server problem” prompts.

Affecting both public + private PVE (Thrall mission) and PVP (Face + Incursion).

@Jythri @JoeKGBX

PC, facing this issue too.

And then the game crashed too :joy:

Hell, I can’t even start a Private 1 player (Sinleplayer, ti without actual matchmaking) match.
What a bummer.

PC. Yeah, there are lots of problems today, many people with frequent disconnects.

GBX is aware of the issue and is looking into it. Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon.

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After more than 40 minutes, they should be saying something.

Lol I keep trying to jump into a match with the hopes that it will fully connect to no avail

Everytime I complain about this type of thing, my post gets hidden. Hopefully they realize they have an internal server error… yet again.