GBX should have used Diablo 3 end game as a blue print

  1. going around the maps killing enemies would drop mats and cash you can use back at sanctuary to:
  • reroll legendaries (i.e change stats , parts etc randomly with each roll)
  • reroll Annointments
  • reroll elemental damage type
  • reforge into another random legendary of same subtype of gear (i.e smg to another smg etc)
  • add or remove scopes
  1. at Sanctuary, enter a simulation where you can randomly generate maps with random enemy mob types (i.e COv, Hyperion , Maliwan, etc), aka “normal” Simulations , that have increased drop rates (but no mats for crafting like normal game maps), to get “keys” to use to unlock the “greater” simulations , which is where the REAL end game is. It will be exactly like the greater Rifts in D3 where leaderboards are kept and people strive to complete the highest GR level as their build allows .

This end game loop in D3 has kept the game alive and thriving for EIGHT YEARS,while GBXs idea of logrtivity of their game is endless RNG by save quitting boss kills over and over and over again…

I mean don’t get me wrong , even with this system the quickest way to get a specific legendary would be to farm said boss, but now you can play normal maps to get materials to reroll that legendary to beat the Normal rifts to then keep “greater” sim “pushing”

It’s an extremely addicting end game loop and Blizzard is a master at it.

Imagine if all this time and effort wasted on adjusting loot drop rates endlessly (with horrible results ) or creating the God awful M2.0 disaster, or having players constantly complaining about the endless RNG, GBX had instead spent their time creating This kind of end game .

It would have been the best looter shooter ever made, imo.

Oh and before anyone comes in and says “endless farming and RNG is what Borderlands is all about !”… rwell how is that working out for BL3? Majority of players stopped playing less than 8 months after release, while Diablo 3 is still going strong after 8 YEARS.


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