GBX, this is not optional, fix backdooring in Incursion

Just played an Incursion match where our team was better, we were pushing better and had higher score yet we lost because Oscar Mike backdoored the Sentry and got a few points of damage in. This is simply a cheap and unfair strategy. We noticed OM doing this and killed him multiple times for doing this yet we still lost. This is simply wrong and should not be allowed. This isn’t up for debate. Fix this or Incursion will simply become broken. The meta is already deteriorating.

EDIT: No one is saying to remove backdooring, I didn’t say that in OP and I’m making it clear here. However right now backdooring is way too easy and a single Battleborn can easily destroy the Sentry all by himself, especially the second sentry. This just isn’t right. If it took 2 or 3 Battleborn to backdoor the Sentry, it would be a lot more fair as the lane would be left nearly defenseless. There’s a lot of fixes one could propose although I would favor buffing the Sentry shields against Battleborn attacks only (minions would remain the same) and making it a lot more aggressive. It is way too easy to poke at the Sentry and it just is not effective at defending itself. I simply find myself thinking of the towers in LoL. One of things you learn in that game is that those towers are a major threat. The Sentries in Battleborn are pretty pathetic in comparison. It’s easy to poke at them, easy to dive past them to get kills, they’re just not very dangerous at all.

The language is strong but if things continue the meta is going to completely break down in Incursion and the mode will become zero fun to play as you’ll have to assign guards to the Sentry.

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I think the easiest fix would simply be to make it to where the Sentry can damage ANYONE that is damaging it. Sentry must be able to damage stealth enemies. The announcement system must be louder/bigger and accurate at all times.

This is def a real issue though. It is becoming more and more prevalent.


[quote]This isn’t up for debate.[/quote]Neat

Although I think flanking the sentry should be possible I don’t like that the sentry has trouble damaging players who use this strategy. A fix for this would be more difficult than not but I don’t think it should be removed entirely.

Wait, you were better, but they could spare one whole guy to go attack the sentry and outscore you?



I’ve been complaining about this for a while: Here’s the problem with “backdooring” in Incursion

Still haven’t found a response about it anywhere… the functionality is a mess, the backdoor spot is glitched, and the announcement is broken.

But everyone seems more concerned about lore challenges than fixing it. I’d love to see a dev address it, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. Just get used to it if you plan on playing incursion.


Nothing wrong with stealthing into enemy territory and attacking the sentry. It
is entirely optional as a majority of the player base doesn’t have a problem with this. I actually posted a thread on this and most people claimed they had no problem with it. You should be able to easily capitalize on an enemy that is missing from the main lane fight, along with the red pawn time, if you are then that’s on you.

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Honestly, I don’t think backdooring should be removed. It is put in the game to allow multiple lanes (albeit there is a main lane) but you need to be cognizant of it at all times. A player back dooring is typically not hard to ward off as one player can push them out. But I think it adds another strategy to the game.

Also I think that the sentry has a huge shield so if you have someone back dooring it shouldn’t be an issue unless you are ignoring the calls that it is being attacked. As far as it being called out louder I swear it is called out loud as heck (I need to turn down my volume to not wake the baby, but I still hear it just fine)

I have had plenty of players that tried to back door on us and it was really just more so a minor nuisance, but none, Kleese, Benedict, OM, or even a Phoebe have had any luck in dealing damage to the sentry as we just had one person go back and take a few pot shots at themy (usually me).

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Most people have no problem with it because it’s rarely done at lower levels and most people that do it at those levels aren’t any good at it. When you hear their stories of people “trying” to do it to them, it’s pretty clear.

If you actually know how to manipulate the announcement, and when to do it (and with who) it’s ridiculously effective. And it doesn’t matter Imo if no one from the community had a problem with it, one look at it in action should tell a dev that there are multiple problems if they have any mind for competitive gaming at all.

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Case is point. Clearly the people doing this that you’ve experienced aren’t shutting off the sentry announcement, and aren’t doing it when you’re pushed up into the bottleneck out of audio range.

I mean you’re not even aware that the announcement can be triggered so that it doesn’t go off or that it miscues. Just because the people you’re playing against are inept at abusing it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

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If someone is attacking then they’re not cloaked and can be attacked by the sentry.

GBX disregard the OP, this is not optional!

In all seriousness, backfiring should be made more difficult but by no means removed. It is an extremely valid approach, just as an subterfuge style approach is, the problem is that with some characters it is a little to easy :slight_smile:

I agree with you guys the sentry AI needs some work on attacking back when being attacked. However, your team could of communicated to make sure he was in lane and if you don’t see him every 30-45 seconds have someone look for him. It’s not hard to deal with when you have a team working together.


Backdooring is such a bitchy move to pull, even when the enemy team is winning they resort to such cheap tricks to finish the game… it’s a slap in the losing team’s face who were hard pushing the whole time only to get cheesed by a OM or an ISIC… we just have to pay more attention to the mini map and stay vigilant… there was this one game where the enemy OM tried to backdoor and I (Phoebe) killed him. As the game was nearing the end and with the sentry scores tied at 50-50, i had my suspicions that he’ll surely try to make that lame move again… so i told my team that i’ll stay in the base for the remaining 3 minutes and told them to push… as expected, OM tried to cheese our sentry with missile strike… i spotted him and killed him quickly… many times i’ve seen my team mates just run past the enemies trying to sneak their way into our base, spotting them on the minimap is easy and you can handle the threat… but then, GBX should definitely come up with a fix for it…

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Yes, but the typical OM strategy is Air Strike/Nade/invisible into another nade, etc. Allowing the sentry to target stealth opponents would make this strat much harder.


There’s more than one way to play the game. Different techniques, playstyles, characters, defenses, etc.

The sentries have many defenses and yeah backdooring a sentry sucks when it’s yours but it’s not a game changer. Just because you think this tactic is cheap doesn’t mean it isnt some form of strategy which is the basis of Battleborn. You should be able to easily track any opponents not on the field with their team. Watch the map. Communicate. If 1-2 enemies are missing from the action then they’re either at the two thralls or your sentry.

I doubt all of that will even break his shield though without Oscar Mike receiving some damage. It’s a huge risk to backdoor an enemy sentry because you have players, minions, and turrets to go through then the sentry itself.

If you made the sentries able to attack cloaked enemies then you would basically limit any cloaking abilities from being used through half of an incursion game. That would greatly and negatively impact all characters that use cloaking.

This isn’t a “maybe this works” discussion though. It does break the shield, especially late game. And it doesn’t matter if it does because you can literally just stand there and shoot it until it dies and nothing will happen. Just go watch: Here’s the problem with “backdooring” in Incursion


It has “many defenses” unless you hop up in the back with any ranged character, then everything just sits there while you kill it…

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I watched the video. I’ve never seen this happen personally. If this is an issue in many matches then I’ll take it more seriously. Maybe the sentry was glitched?

Yes the sentry should’ve been attacking. I’ve attacked ones from a similar or farther distance and was always attacked. The sentry should always attack when attacked but there is no reason to take measures against backdoor strategy. I don’t see it daily but I have seen it and it’s never been an issue personally.

I think the sentry should start making buttsex jokes.

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