GBX, this is not optional, fix backdooring in Incursion

Wha- what are you even doing here?

Backdooring is a moba thing. Removing it is… Quite frankly, stupid. No offense meant, really. What is the point of having OM have stealth for so long if he can’t use it to steal resources/ attack your stuff?
The sentry not attacking is different. It should attack. Be a 1 hit like it is now? Hell no. That’s just ridiculous. 1 hit takes my entire shield and half my health… That’s just insane, especially when I get pulled into it by galt or something. My opinion anyway.
And whether you call this game a moba or not, incursion is.

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“this is not optional” I think you’ll find as you are not the game creator this is in fact an option they can choose to leave or change. If you cant see that there are two people missing and havn’t noticed your sentry being damage thats all on you and your team, Stop begging for changes for things that are ment to be there to make the game different then just rushing head first into each other


No, we outscored them by something like 150 to 50. The sentry health was something like 33-45. So again, as far as I’m concerned, it was our win. Our team simply played better but because OM got a cheap shot in on the Sentry before we shut him down, they get the “win”.

One missing enemy doesn’t make it super easy to push. If it took 2 or 3 Battleborn to backdoor then it would be a lot more fair of a system. Having won a match that from the get-go was 4-5, being one Battleborn down doesn’t break you. Plus, the Sentry is so pathetic at defending itself that OM can easily take out the Sentry single-handedly and in a short amount of time. The only defense is to send one of your own people back to kill OM. So basically the match turned into 4 people pushing and one babysitting the Sentry. Just not the way the game was intended to be played I think or certainly hope not.


Whatever opinion you have on backdooring, there are a definite, technical problems with the sentry and the UI reliably informing you that it’s in danger. I think a lot of the butt chafe about backdooring would go away if the UI would fire the audio cues correctly, or if the sentry had better AI. It’s a lot of fun when it just strolls into lingering enemy aoe fields.


I already mentioned that we noticed him and pushed him out. He came back multiple times and since his ult can nearly down the Sentry shields by itself, it doesn’t take much for him to get damage in. The Sentry shouldn’t be so weak that a single Battleborn can take it out like that. If it took 2 or 3 Battleborn to backdoor, that would be different. Then their lane would be left a lot weaker and easier to push.

It’s a bit of strong language but the point is the meta is going to become broken with everyone being forced to babysit their sentry against OM and Kleese single-handedly taking the Sentry out. That will not be very much fun to play.

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There are a handful of reasons it should be addressed, I outlined two big ones: the fact that the announcement doesn’t alert you to it, and the fact that the sentry doesn’t even try to retaliate.

This isn’t a one-off situation, it happens from that position at all times. Go test it in a game. I didn’t try this a bunch until it happened, I purposefully just went into the very next game I played and did it to show what I’m talking about since a lot of people on the forum keep responding much like you do: That they haven’t seen it. So I’ve been making videos to show them exactly what we’re talking about. And, yes, it should be attacking me from there. It also should be alerting the team that it’s being done, but I turned that off. This shouldn’t be working against a team which was actually very good (they were easily trouncing my team TBH) but it did, and it does.

And this isn’t an insult, but perhaps it’s not popular at the level you’re playing at. I know my ELO in this game is high, because my ELO in every game is high, and I’ve played quite a lot. At the level I’m playing at, with the teams I’m matched up against, it’s a very frequent thing.

If you’d like some more video proof of this, just go watch my stream clips on twitch:
There’s a game, around 17 minutes they pull this very thing on us and it succeeds because we’re pushed up actually fighting for the win.

While I’m playing, in about half the games I play, the other team is trying it. In fact I have to frequently tell my own teammates not to do it, perhaps it hasn’t shown up in whichever ELO bracket you’re playing in, or on your chosen platform, but it’s an extremely frequent occurrence at my level on my console. You can tell though just from watching my incursion clips that it’s constantly happening. We usually catch it, but sometimes we don’t.

Again, I don’t have a problem with back-dooring, I have a problem with the announcement being glitched to where it doesn’t tell you, and the spot that everyone attacks from being glitched to where the sentry can’t hit them at all.


That glitch spot is not meant to be there, unless the devs are incompetent at game-balance.

They quite clearly describe the game-mode everywhere as encouraging the player to push minions to “assault the sentry” at no point do they address “there’s a spot around back you can stand at and take no damage while you kill the sentry.” So no, it’s not “ment” to be there.

And no, it’s certainly not “your fault” for the announcement indicator (audio and visual) being bugged and not working correctly. If you do notice a person standing in that spot, then it’s their mistake for not shutting off the announcement or waiting until you’re far enough into the lane to let them deal damage without being on the mini-map.

What if they just gave sentry shields a huge buff, but also scaled minion damage to sentry shields with it? Pretty much making it much harder for any one Battleborn to down the shield on their own, but minions still inflict the same damage. It would pretty much mean you would HAVE to use minions to take out the shield.


The easiest thing would just be to make it damage all enemies who can damage it and fix the announcement system. This would still allow last minute backdoor attempts, etc. but someone would have to tank some damage and rightfully so IMO.

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Something like this would be the best idea I think. Right now it is just too easy for OM to pop out, drop his ult, and largely wipe out the shields on his own. I think the shields could actually stay at their current health, just make it so that Battleborn do like 50-90% less damage to the shields than they currently do. Let their damage stay the same to the health bar. This would mean you could backdoor but you’d need more than one guy. It would also encourage pushing the minions as they would take down the shields faster than the Battleborn could.

I also think the Sentry just needs to be more aggressive period. The sentry takes forever to get around to shooting you once you’re in its sights and it’s too easy to poke out and hit it with AOE attacks and then retreat to safety.

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It was working though. Their sentry icon was blinking.

Do people consider shooting the second sentry from the bunker with the healing station on Overgrowth backdooring? Because if my team takes that and you don’t contest it you’d better believe we are shooting that sentry.

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There’s no point to a backdoor attempt if it takes two people. Unless you’re facing a weak team it would be too big of a risk.

I see that there are definitely some bugs that need worked out for the announcement from Nova, the sentry and more consistent flashing of your sentry icons to better help out those who don’t notice it.

Like I said, I’ve never experienced it. My sentry often says it’s being attacked when it’s not lol. I’ve had many games where people have backdoored using Oscar Mike, Shayne, Whiskey, and others. But again in my experiences we always keep eyes on our targets. We usually notice they’re missing before the sentry says anything. 9/10 times we push them out with one character before they can do damage.

For those that don’t get any flashing or announcement yes that needs fixed but it’s also avoidable until they fix it.

I don’t consider it backdooring.

A ton of people hate this ^ but I love it. I love playing against a team and being the team doing this because it adds more challenge to the game. Now, not every game ends up like this but when it does, for either side, I love it. It makes it hard to push and you can easily become surrounded by the enemy if you’re not communicating with your team. It’s just another strategy, like backdooring. More risky than taking the sides with your minions in my opinion.

I think backdooring should stay, but they need to make it so the sentry isnt just a free kill. The sentry attacks are spotty at best. Sometime it will attack you, sometime it wont, sometimes it just waits ~30 seconds then starts attacking.

I think they need to increase the health of the sentry too. Once you hit the higher levels one person can down the sentry in under a minute. If your team is pushed up against their sentry and you spot the announcement right away, by the time you get back the sentry will be dead or almost dead. There needs to be more counterplay.

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So the general consensus is that backdooring should be a thing.

But people argue about what should be allowed.

I would hope that no person thinks that it is right for a single Battleborn to take out a sentry without even taking damage. So fix 1 is to fix the sentry’s AI

Some people think that it is currently too easy for a Battleborn to take down the se try’s shield period which would make fix 2 have Battleborn do less damage to the se try’s shield but the same damage do the sentry’s health.

Most can agree that wether they have seen it personally or not, that the sentry’s alert system needs to be addressed in some form. Fix 3, Either making it easier to see or simply making it so the notification doesn’t go off randomly, would be a big help. I saw a recommendation earlier for making the shield bar for the sentry appear over the health bar at the top of the screen, and I think this would be an amazing change.

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