GBX trying to make everything annoying?

I mean really after all the nerfs, hotbugs, lag, crashes. They make you log into the game to start the dlc download? Why? Other then trolling what other possible reason is there?

Btw on ps4 don’t wait for the download for dlc you have to log in and click a poster in sanctuary to start the dlc download.

Man that’s rough. I remember when I used to have to ride my bike for miles just to buy a PC game at the local Radio Shack. It was up hill, both ways.


^ - That genuinely made me laugh out loud.

I remember loading games via a cassette… and woe betide the rewind button when the tape eventually became worn out and/or damaged.

I road my bike to circuit city just to play the jaguar and 3do systems my parents could not afford to buy me(I was probably a brat for even asking anyway). Worst part of trip was the skipping on walkman when you hit bumps.

How you had a cd walkman then is beyond me; mine was tape based but atleast it didn’t Skip

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My sis (3yrs older) had the cassette. I was a huge computer nerd and with CDs becoming a thing on computers as well as portable music, I am top of it! You really didn’t know of the widespread skip problem as internet took minutes to connect or not connect at all. You really didn’t know until your friend said “yea bad idea, I tried it!” or “no one told you?!”. well I always looped it around by belt with the clip. Sometimes the clip broke and I dropped it and needed a new one. Luckily anti-skip was better, not great but better, and they became cheaper so I usually got a new one from someone on my bday or christmas.

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