@GBX - weapon suggestion - legendary Antimatter Rifle

I loved the Antimatter Rifle before going Mayhem, but with a few Mayhem levels sadly it’s dead as a Dodo.

There’s something immensely satisfying about a Quake-style railgun that has 1000% accuracy even when hip-firing. Piercing multiple enemies and applying huge DOT just makes it so much more fun. This weapon has great mechanics and it’s sorely missing in the Mayhem-capable legendary pool.

As a legendary special effect, I think it could have something similar to B0re, i.e. second enemy hit behind the first one gets x2 damage, third one gets x4 damage. Something like that. That would encourage a unique gameplay style beyond simply hitting the crit spot. Or maybe give it knockback like a shotgun. Or make DOT scale with critical damage. Or create explosions on enemies hit behind the first one. Or all of that. Lots of possibilities.

Call it Dark Matter Rifle or B0redriver or Instarip or whatever. Even x3 ammo consumption would be fine if it hits hard AF. Anything that brings back Quake style oomph! instahit vibes.

Just the Top 1 on my wish list of legendaries.