Gear acquisition bug, likely tied to increased drop-rate patch

Match-ID reference: 20160702-0cd513eb-8b48-425a-8e42-17bd06f7eab5
Video clip:
(Only relevant part of video is first 15 seconds and last 15 seconds.)

TL;DR awarded legendaries do not line up with inventory-present legendaries.

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this happen at least once before (post-hotfix), but I finally remembered to actually grab the video with the share button. Unfortunately I don’t have a snap of my pre-mission inventory, so I’m not sure what exactly happened.

I believe either

A) I simply didn’t get a legendary, despite being told I received one
B) I got a legendary, but it wasn’t the one mentioned in the post-game

I suspect B, but I can’t verify.

At the start of the video, you’ll see I’m being awarded “Premium Health Plan”. At the end of the video I go to my gear page, sorted by rarity. I’m definitely getting a large number of legendary drops now (WOO!!!) but you’ll see there’s clearly no PHP item in there.

This isn’t really a support request – I’m happily getting more legendaries – but this is a very weird bug that should be patched aggressively.

I noticed that your inventory space seems to be 212/199 or something like that. This could also be part of the problem.


Listen to the parrot. Sell some stuff.


::facepalm:: Of course that would do it. Grr. Thanks.

Deleting gear is SO INCREDIBLY TEDIOUS in this game.


Oh my stars, I had no idea that was a parrot. I forget what I thought it was but wow.