Gear activation issues

So I have been having some issues over the last day or so with gear. I play primarily PVE right now trying to get through the storyline and am honestly taking my time. I just unlocked the melee ice monster guy i forget his name but is my current favorite. My issue is I have been trying out a few gear combinations with him to get him working right and keep running into issues activating my gear.

I have seen a few posts were specific legendary items have been disabled but I am not that far into the game yet I am mostly working with random green and blue items. What I run into is I get the necessary shards, open up the gear activation menu, click the appropriate button, and…nothing happens. This has happened on multiple gear peices now.

At first I thought maybe it was becuase the “negative” effect of the item was related to shields which this ice guy doesnt naturally have so maybe it wouldnt activate becuase it couldnt process the -100 shields for example, but the game im in as i post this the bug is happening with gauntlets that up my attack damage and have no negative at all i picked a gear set specifically that wouldnt have any negatives to test this out.

What gets me even more is im fairly sure it activated this equipment earlier in the match and took my shards to do so, but now is reading turned off. I cant be positive of this becuase when i take the button to activate the equipment the menu disapears same as it does if it correctly activates, so its possible i just thought it activated when it really didnt. Can anyone shed light on why my gear wont activate half the time? i cannot find any logical reason or anything im doing wrong. Sorry for the book here but wanted to be thourough.

edit with new information - so i just lost the match i was in and to test played the same match same gear choices this time around i was able to activate all three of my gear peices without any issues so i have no idea whats going on :-/

bump…this is still happening about one in three games i end up not being able to activate one of my gear pieces and its getting frustrating…