Gear and colour rarity?

sorry, noob here. from highest to lowest, what colours represent what? ty :wink:

Highest to lowest
Orange, Legendary
Purple, Epic
Blue, Rare
Green, Uncommon
White, Common

Can’t remember all the costs and boosts different rarities have, but do check this out

This site is also excellent for tracking gear

It has several other goodies too.


The most simple summary is
White: common
One stat (+attack speed)
Green: uncommon
Two different stats, one conditional (+attack speed, +health after surviving of 180 seconds)
Blue: rare
Two same stats, one conditional (+attack speed, +attack speed after taking health damage)
Purple: epic
Two different stats (+attack speed, +health)
Orange: legendary
Three varying stats, one conditional (+attack speed, +health, +attack speed for every stack obtained by using skills up to ten stacks)
*conditional stat can also depend on characater and faction (Deande only: shields begin to recharge when using Holotwin)
*some only dropp from certain bosses (Firmware Update)

*All gear but legendary can come flawed, with a negative downside

For the rest, refer to this dudes post ^


ty both :slight_smile:

Just remember the rarity mantra from Borderlands 2:

“(W)hen (G)randma (B)urps, §atrick (O)beys”

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