Gear and triggered temporary buffs. (Needs an icon to show they have been triggered)!

I would like some sort of icon and a timer to display how long and what temporary buffs are being triggered on my gear. For example, Talon of the Hawk, should show an Icon on the hud that tells the player the buff has been triggered after the pre-req of 1 second air time has been satisfied and there should be a timer telling the player how long the buff will last.


This is a great idea, I’ve been wanting this so much.


Yeah I’d really like if they had indicators for anything that generates stacks of X. How do you know when you have them? How do you know how many? Seems like this would be an obvious thing to have presented to the player.


There are small transparent arrows that across the bottom of screen to indicate buffs or debuffs. I’m not sure if this happens for every buff/debuff, but for example you can tell when Deande’s passive is active or when you’ve been tagged by Benedict’s Hawkeye. It’s small and hardly noticeable unless you know it’s there, but I like that it removes clutter and prevents an overloaded HUD that blocks FoV.

I noticed when you grab pickups in PVE there are small icons that show up next to your status bars. They should do the same for all stacks, temporary buffs, and also be more clear on the wording on the gear itself. Competitive E Spirts games need to mitigate luck and favor clarity over anything as much as possible.

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lets talk about this more. hopefully we can get this noticed. it needs to happen!

if you are having issues with the HUD that this game provides that doesn’t mean a feature like this should be ignored. simply state that you like to see an option to toggle it in. no need to try and dismiss it completely