Gear Attributes - Community Effort

Check out the battleborn web app from Lowlines!

It’s finally ready (barring any style changes). The two main tabs are “Attributes” and “Specific Item Mappings”.

Please feel free to comment anything you think I’ve missed or that could be improved. Or you can message me on the Battleborn Discord (Zarnias). I’ve also added a second sheet that YOU can edit with YOUR submissions! check the link below!

Battleborn Item Characteristics

And a Submission sheet is also available,if you have items you don’t see on the main sheet!

The Attributes tab is laid out as:
ATTRIBUTE NAME - All items have a proper name, then 0-2 attributes that define them
ATTRIBUTE EFFECT - List the effect. Red is bad; Green is good. “Base effect” is always good and listed as positive, though things like shield delay would be negative.
ATTRIBUTE FACTION - All attributes are linked to a faction. This helps when buying faction packs
"BASE EFFECT CANDIDATE" - All Rare Items affect the base effect. A Runner’s Shard, for example, increases shard collection after collecting a pickup.
RARITY - You guessed it! Can that attribute be found on green, blue, or purple items?

The Specific Item Mappings tab lists out all the possible combinations of items. Item type, faction, proper name, and the possible attributes based on rarity and negative. AND the legendaries associated with it!

Thanks, guys.
-Happy Gaming

Edit History:

  • Adding Color’s to Main tab for easier faction differentiating.
  • Added Theory and Investigation tab for new data
  • Added new view filters (Data -> Filter Views -> choose one) for Alphabetical, Effect, and Faction
  • Changed column headings in Master Gear list to read Positive/Negative Attribute to be more consistent with my terminology
  • Added Legendary List tab and updated some wording
  • Adding Rarity for investigation
  • Added community sheet
  • Added checklist for more visual reference (only attributes and rarity)
  • Added gear-faction-rarity mapping: “Specific Item Mappings”
  • Updated THIS forum posting with clearer verbiage and descriptions.

At the moment, if anyone can get me the factions for “Wily” or “Depleted”, I’d appreciate it.

Got Wily, just need depleted.
Got depleted.

Fyi, I’m in the process of changing my username “back” to Zarnias, which will break some things.

There are a lot of missing Secondary Effect names (both positive & negative) that need filling in. Here’s the list:

POSITIVE Adjective Missing for the following gear types (ONLY when it is the 2nd effect on the list):

  • Damage Reduction
  • Attack Damage
  • Skill Damage
  • Movement Speed
  • Healing Received
  • Critical Hit Damage
  • Buildable Cost
  • Bonus Shards
  • Shield Recharge Delay
  • Shield Recharge
  • CC Duration
  • Cooldown Time
  • Sprint Speed
  • Recoil

NEGATIVE Adjective Missing for the following gear types (ONLY when it is the 2nd effect on the list):

  • Max Health
  • Critical Hit Damage
  • Bonus Shards
  • Cooldown Time
  • Sprint Speed
  • Shield Penetration
  • Health Regeneration

I’ll try to update the above list as I discover them.

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It took me a minute to understand what you said. And I’m still not 100% sure. Regardless, thanks for the input!

From what I’ve gathered, the base gear type (shoulders, vest, etc) is independent of the type of adjectives on it.

To respond to your specific points. I’m still compiling (couldn’t gather data between Open Beta and tomorrow), but do the have Negative Cooldown attribute. It’s “Depleted”. Still working on the faction, though :-\

Ok, I forgot to explain myself.

The secondary effect (the 2nd one listed on any item) has a few things associated with it.

  1. It determines which Faction’s Lootbox pool it belongs to
  2. It determines one of the item’s Adjectives
  3. The positive and negative effects can each be associated with a different faction (example: Reload Speed is Readying (UPR) when positive and Erratic (Jennerit) when negative)

I’m assembling a grid of all possible outcomes and the above gear naming conventions are missing. BUT, I’ve found a few resources - replaying streamer videos when they are opening loot boxes! Got 3 pages of items writen down & need to filter through them, update the above & keep searching.

Oh… did you look at my work? Because I have a fair amount of the type of data you described. Please PM me if you need any clarification. (or ask here if you find it valuable)

Yep, I’ve already worked through ALL the tabs of your Google Doc this morning

I’m trying to think of a better way to organize Positive and Negative.

I’m considering “P” and “N” at the beginning of all of the effects rather than “-” and “+”, because some things plus is good, while for others it is bad.

Any input would be appreciated.

Well, it’s a bit more complicated once you look at the patterns of gear naming…

Technically, each faction has a name for each gear piece (Gauntlets, Boots, etc.) so that’s 21 x 5 = 105 unique names there.

Then there are unique names for those effects when they are positive & negative (only one positive & negative, whew) so that’s 21 x 2 = 42

Then there are all the Conditional Effects, which never appear as primary effects, but have conditions on when they are applied. Their verbs include AFTER, WHILE, WHEN, WITH, and STACKS and there are rules on how each of the effects that appear in each of those can occur (variable seconds, percentages, etc. - any green text)

I could go on & on, but it’s a really thorough naming system, so the simplest way to attack it is to do what you’ve done and then fill in the gaps like I’m doing. They won’t change this stuff after launch because they’ll be dealing with LIVE inventories (and that would tick everyone off)

Ok, I’m sorry, but I keep not understanding why you’re saying certain things.

I get the different names… but I don’t care about those. “Kamikazee”, as far as I know is exactly the same as the UPR shield booster.

There’s 21 different gears.
There are 5 factions
Each faction has… some number of attributes (my estimate is around 20, but still an estimate)
Each gear has 0-1 positive effect and 0-1 negative effect

Ok, so let’s take a Boots for example. Boots that are from the Eldrid Lootbox pool will have the name Clawshorn Sandal, but boots from the Rogues Lootbox pool will have the name “Painkiller”.

If that gear piece is uncommon or above, it will have a secondary effect on it. That secondary effect determines the Adjective (name in front of the gear’s name) as such:

Channeling (Heal Power). Now Channeling is an Eldrid effect, so that gear piece could show up in an Eldrid Lootbox, and if it did, the full name would be Channeling Clawshorn Sandal.

You will never see a Channeling “Painkiller” because “Painkiller” is a Rogue item name. Likewise, you would never see Rogue boots with Heal Power as the Secondary Effect because Heal Power (Channeling) is an Eldrid Effect.

So, I can guarantee you that if you have an Uncommon, Rare or Epic Gear Piece with exactly the following stats, it’s name will always be Channeling Clawshorn Sadal

  1. +X% Movement Speed
  2. +X% Heal Power

I hope this clears things up.

Yes, I get that. I’ve described that above. It’s outlined in my spreadsheet.

My point is: it doesn’t matter to me what the name is. I don’t care that Rogue’s say “Painkiller” and Eldrid say Clawshorn Sandal. It’s the exact same item… until proven otherwise.

I only care about which attributes exist, what they do, and what factions they belong to. It’s even in the title of the thread.

Please, if you have further questions about this thread, PM me here or on the Discord.

Depleted is LLC

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Many thanks

I’m considering attempting to have a “Legendaries” tab, but it seems like there will be plenty of people who do or will have that.


I’ve decided to include legendaries, but they’re going to be in their own tab. I’ll keep update this thread and change log further when I have a more concrete plan to move forward.

I think that some Legendaries are Faction-based, which is the reason for including this data.

The data is implying that rarity also determines which attributes are available to a certain item. If anyone has purple items (“epic”) that they think are particularly interesting, I wouldn’t mind a PM here or on the discord.

I noticed there is a scheme to it, like common usually have one benefit or one benefit with one negative. Uncommon often have two benefits and one negative, but the second benefit is conditional (for 30 sec after a minion kill, for 5 sec after health damage, etc.). Rare tend to be the two benefits but again conditional second benefit, much less chance of negative effects.

Epic is where you see more two solid benefits with no conditions (like attack speed boost and cooldown boost with no special requirements). I’ll take a look later and see which ones I kept.

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I think I have a purple with a negative sitting in my bank right now, but it’s almost definitely less likely than a green. this is a solid sub-theory and I’ll take it into consideration.

Thanks for the input!

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