Gear Attributes - Community Effort


Now, the only things I need are Buildable Cost and CC Duration improvements!

Sad update (to me). It looks like an item’s gear type, rarity, and faction have exactly one attribute. I need to collect a bit more data to confirm, but it’s pretty solid right now.

Example: If you have a Rare Jennerit Attack Damage item, it should say “Killer’s Endoskeletal Graft” … and it may or may not have an associated negative of 'Corroded"

like I said, I need to confirm, but I’ll keep you updated

Previous update is all but confirmed, with a minor hiccup with rogue shard collectors having two possibilities. I’m willing to attribute that to gbx making a weird decision/mistake, though.

My next goal is to include the stat ranges and shard ranges for all rarities. I’ve already got SOME data on it, but more is always good. :slight_smile:

We’re collecting gear prefixes for the BB wiki and we’d appreciate it if you could look the list over and add to and/or correct the information we already have. Thanks. :dukeaffirmative:

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Hey all! I’m working on adding Minimum and Maximum gear values. Just an alert as to what I’m working on with this :slight_smile:

After that, it’s shard costs!

If you give me a spreadsheet template i can export (from data mining) out the full list of gear for you guys. There’s a few issues with calculating the min max values of certain stats but there’s about 780 items in the game so you don’t want to be doing that all manually. I’m also in the process of extracting icons too but the file structure is a bit different to other Gearbox games so I’m hitting a few issues on that front.


I’ve also been doing write ups on data I’ve extracted from the game so if you have anything you would like me to look into (that’s not related to exact drop rates) let me know.

Understanding Gear: A Helpful Guide
A Guide to Loot Packs + Taunts & Skins List

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Thanks a lot! I’ll Private Message you and we can work out how to incorporate data moving forward :smile:

And the shard min/max was kind of just a personal exercise, but if you have data on that too, then great!

For those that want it. Here’s the exported data related to Gear. Keep in mind, this is straight data dump flattened into a linear fashion and will need to be parsed before you can really use it for display. I might add a plain text export with max stats later, but hopefully this will save you guys having to manually collect information about gear.

Battleborn Gear List

A few things to note:

  • Att_Gear_Gear-iLvL is the GearLevel I have mentioned. Replace this with a value between 0 (min stats) and 1 (max stats).
  • Formulas were programmatically generated so there may be errors
  • Attributes might have floating point errors (shouldn’t make much of a difference though)
  • Certain Faction prefixes might differ between game versions, I know there’s at least one Rogue item with a different prefix
  • Skill presentations are meant to be rendered in a specific order but due to the flattening process some of these might be out of order. They work by search and replacing a $TAG$ which itself might contain more $TAG$ that are then replaced by subsequent presentations
  • Display text is HTML and have [stat][-stat] tags that are used to color parts of the text based on the context, tags include: “stat” (green), “helixstat” (yellow), “physical” (red), “charlock” (red), “skill” (light brown) and “time” (very light brown)
  • Flavour Text doesn’t have built in tags but I like to use “long” (light green)


Removed unused skills from output. Reworked skill output to be more user readable, rarity prefixes into one column and renaming the flawed display prefix so it is not confused with the other one. Presentation order is now also respected ie if you parse the text from left to right it should fully convert. Added a formatting field which I have programmatically generated a sprintf call based on formatting flags used by that presentation.


Added a page for compiled gear text with max possible stats. As I mentioned before, there a probably calculation errors so if people can point them out I can try debugging them (or if someone can figure out why a formula is failing, that would be great too). Wikia peoples should be able to use this for generating listings etc. I am trying to get icons too but I’m in uncharted territory atm since the Battleborn engine is even more customised than Borderlands 2 -_-

No gear for Alani yet as I think the files are only downloaded if you have early access (I only bought the Digital Deluxe on PS4, PC copy is vanilla).


First off there’s something up with Reload Speed and Sprint Speed.
I made a post about it too, but now the data is available perhaps someone can help me debug the formulas and get correct values outputting.

Thanks a ton for your help! I should be able to use this to flesh out the item “pairings” (tri-pairings? trairings?).

I’ll work on it this week!

I was doing something similar - a spreadsheet detailing the assorted keywords and such between the factions and what they meant. It’s nowhere near finished (I think), but maybe it’ll help you out a little.

Statement: The spreadsheet was created using LibreOffice. If you need (or want) a different version, let me know.

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Gear only having one set of attributes per rarity is a huge bummer for me.

I’m now much less excited when I get new gear because it is most likely going to be mostly the same as the other gear I already have.

Seems like an odd choice considering the current system seems like it would easily work with a more varied item generation system. In fact that is how I assumed it was working from the start.

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I also assumed that, as well. On the one hand, it makes it easier to plan what kind of loadout/gear you want. On the other hand, I expected it to be like Borderlands where you had “176 gajillion different weapons”, if I remember the number correctly.

I’ve gone through the data dump and filled in all the blanks in the item mappings, as well as added legendaries! (not the effects yet). Additionally, all Max Values are added.

  • This can be seen in this tab (also navigable from the main link)

I’m not sure if it’s a bug or a design intention, but There are a couple of Rogue items that have different negatives for different rarities.

For both “Easy Money” and “Kamikaze”: Common and Uncommon can reduce Heal Power, while Rare and Epic can reduce Healing Received.

Now, I’m looking for suggestions on how to more clearly format the data.

PS - Thanks again @lowlines!

Hello all! Thanks for the support.

@lowlines has created a fabulous web-app to outline all the data and datatypes, which can be found HERE. With this in mind, it makes my work here (which he helped out on) a bit superfluous. so, I will keep the link up, but without user request, I will no longer be monitoring the page or updating it (at least not regularly).

(I’ll also edit the web-app link into the description)

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Man that @lowlines is a jerk! If I ever see his name pop up in a versus match I am totally going to Tea Ceremony his arse!!

P.S. I heard he plays on PS4 and on the Australian servers, (meaning he’s also one of those red barring laggy bastards too) :wink:

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Im sorry, but this is extremely organized, but very poorly. The organization does not coincide with lookup. This post answers everything needed, in a much more digestible and readable format.

edit; also not correct in regards to blue secondaries.

what? I’m sorry but I’m having a bit of trouble trying to decipher what you’re saying and why.

Did you notice the part where I said that lowlines does everything I was going for, but better?

And just as a personal note: I put my data up first.

I’m saying it was poorly organized and inaccurate, it doesn’t matter who was “first”.

Please let me know one way in which it is “inaccurate”. Secondly, if you have a tip for how it could be better organized, I would have gladly accepted it at any time during my work on this project. I have/had a suggestion tab and monitor this thread.

As I mentioned, however, it’s a bit irrelevant now, as there is a well done web-app dedicated to this data, laid out in a pleasing format.

Though, I will update any incorrect data you found.

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Already said, the secondaries are inaccurate, and it’s laid out like your primary interest is knowing what the each name does, which is pointless. People want to know stat possibilities, that should be your primary sorting and flow.

If I want to know how to get the most attack speed, I cannot or it’s extremely convoluted. I would have to go to your second tab, see that things named “eviscerating” or “violent” have AS secondaries, mind you it doesn’t actually say what this column means, I just know that because I know that. Also, this does not apply to all jennerit gear, only two types, but I wouldn’t be able to figure that out anywhere in your sheets. That actually ends there because I can’t get anymore useful information at all.

Or I could go to the link I posted, see quickly that AS is available on skill damage and attack damage jennerit items, then quickly see the 5 possible proc effects that might comes with that (your sheets only list one, when there are 5).

Now I know exactly what I want, AD and SD jennerit items, with +AS on melee hit secondary procs. Would be literally impossible with your sheets because like I said, the data is inaccurate and poorly organized.

Spreadsheet are great, when applied properly. When used improperly they just get convoluted.