Gear Available!

Hey what’s up?!

I have some gear available for anyone who may find it useful in their travels.

Xbox One: Handsome Collection

Lv 50 Refill PC Corrosive
Lv 50 Marxmans Gub
Lv 59 Surfeit Thunderball Fists (spoken for)
Lv 72 Longbow Fire Bee
Lv 72 The Transformer
Lv 72 Deft PC Shock
Lv 72 Reactive Conference Call

I am currently a Lv 72 Long Range Zer0 working towards OP8 solo. I don’t need this stuff and my cash is maxed out so I would rather pass it on than just dump it…

If I don’t have any takers within 48 hours I am gonna toss it. :smiley:

First come, first served. If you would like any of the gear, say “Hello!” in this thread and message me through Xbox. Let me know you are from the Gearbox Boards…

I am typically online weeknights in the US Central time zone from 8:00-10:00.

GT: Cris PSG1

ALSO, as I farm stuff (Legendaries or cool Purples) I don’t need, I will add them to this thread, so check back.

I am just paying forward any of the wonderful help, advice, and informative threads I have relied upon from this community. :smiley:



Nice man, great of you to offer up some stuff. I’d maybe take the Thunderball Fists for when I get my Gaige to 59, if that’s cool?

@Vinterbris For sure!! All yours!

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Cool, thanks :slight_smile:

New stuff available but slim pickins’ this go round…

Available until 8:00 PM on Thursday 6/15/2017.

Lv 72 Quality Plasma Caster Shock
Lv 72 Shock Nasty Surprise grenade mod
Lv 72 Incendiary Nasty Surprise grenade mod


Fresh new stuff ALSO available until 8:00 PM Thursday 6/15/2017…

Lv 72 Legendary Hunter Class Mod
Lv 72 Legendary Berserker Class Mod
Lv 72 Legendary Psycho Class Mod
Lv 72 The Bee

If you need specifics just let me know.


Fresh new stuff available until 8:00 PM Monday 6/19/2017…

Lv 72 Purple Sublime Jericho Slag chance 64.8%
Lv 72 Purple Guileless Plasma Caster Shock (Spoken for)
Lv 72 Legendary Fabled Tortoise

If you need specifics just let me know.


I would really like to check out the conference call if your up for it

Sorry buddy but I tossed it as nobody wanted it.

In that post, any gear that was not spoken for was launched/tossed out 48 hours after it was posted as mentioned…

Anything I post as available has a definitive time that it will be available as duly noted.

If I come across another Conference Call I can offer you the right of first refusal if you would like?