Gear Bank Bug: Getting a new duplicate will cause all loadouts to change to using the duplicate

This is really odd. Whenever I get a new duplicate piece of gear now (both type and roll), it will take all loadouts I have containing that piece of gear and replace the original one with the duplicate. I know this because whenever I go through my new loot from missions (sorting by newest, obviously), random pieces of gear I’ve earned will show up as “equipped”, even though I just earned them. It makes it really tedious to sort through new gear when I have to go through and either sell the duplicates and then re-add the originals to their loadouts, or find which pieces are duplicates and then sell the originals.

I may have had something related yesterday.
All of my gear is sorted by newest first.
I sold a new duplicate and then my gear loadout had a piece of gear missing.

Happened to me as well. I know what gear I have so I just remember the latest thing I keep as part of my permanent collection and then sort by new and clean my inventory back down to that spot. Had a moment where my stomach dropped when I thought I’d somehow gotten mixed up or confused with my sorting when I was selling stuff and saw my Voxis Core disappear from a loadout. Panic averted once I sorted by type again, thankfully.

I’ve seen my loadouts with some empty slots recently. I assumed it was because I got a duplicate that was better than my original piece that was in a loadout. I usually sort by rarity to find duplicates because they will be right next to each other. Sometime I will get a duplicate that offers slight better roll than the last one so I delete the older one. If it was already in a loadout I assume it just leaves it blank. Would be nice if a message popped up saying this gear is in a loud out would u still like to delete.

Yeah, this bug is very annoying. Now I just sell the older duplicate.

I have my bank sorted by type and rarity, so I just sell the one that doesn’t have a check mark on it. I was wondering why I was suddenly getting messages asking if I wanted to save loadouts after all I’d done is sell the dupes!

Yep, same here. Ive been getting a lot of gear via the OM op, and whenever a duplicate gear drops, you’ll notice the little check mark indicating its in your loadouts, and the older item no longer has the check mark.


Issue for your attention, gentlemen.

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I don’t mind it doing that as long as it’s an upgrade. Doing it for equal stat items is… redundant. Hopefully it never downgrades you…

In my experience it has to be an identical duplicate for this to happen. Exact same roll. (It may even have to be the same color, eg there are many colors of shard gens and health regens, but im not positive about this part). So its more of a concern for getting confused on what to delete etc.

Since we’re on the topic of things going awry in the gear library, the thing where you try to click on an item it sends you several pages off and losing sight of the item you actually wanted, is still happening. It’s quite irritating trying to pick items for loadouts when it’s being bouncy like that :anguished:

Edit: And aye, I can confirm the duplicate bug as well. Just gotta be careful which item to clear out from the library for now.

Color (rarity) is part of an item’s identity (secondary stat, and conditional). Items of different colors cannot be duplicates.

On the topic of this issue, the cause is clicking into the loadout pane, and then scrolling on the gear bank. When you click back into the gear bank, it pops you back to where you were when it last had focus. I believe the same thing happens in reverse (loadout selection jumping).

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I think @LinkZeppeloyd may have been referring to the physical appearance colour? In which case the colour is tied to the faction manufacturing the item. I forget all of them, but IIRC a light blue is LLC and red is Jennerit? This is separate from the background tile colour (rarity of item).

annoying little bug. confused me greatly at first until I realized what was going on.

Yes I mean the color of the actual item, not background. There are multiple common shards for example. Dark blue, neon green, etc.

Considering we are on this topic any chance they could add functionality to view new gear without deleting any old pieces to open a slot for them? The same thing we have for example when opening a loot pack if you get 3 pcs and only have one slot available. It gives you a chance to see what you received and decide to sell it outright or not.

Those are the faction variants. You’ll notice that where they have a secondary effect, it’s different depending on the faction/colour, so they are technically different items even if they’re the same type, rarity, and primary statistic.

It is good that everyone else is having this problem. I had believed that I was the only one.
I thought that I had deleted very important pieces of gear in my loadouts; come to find out, it had been just the newer versions of my gear.

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I am right there with you Beatrix. Thought I was losing my mind…