Gear bank filters

It’s something I had in mind for a while and the more gear I got the more necessary it becomes. Could we get the ability to filter items by properties ? For example, filters items to display only those with heal power, or with attack dmg and attack speed, etc…
once you get 100+ gears, it s hard to keep track.


Very nice idea ImO.

Maybe simply have the items that don’t have the selected property greyed out (like when items are deactivated for being bugged, for example).
For example, if you select “+ healing received”, all items that don’t possess that property will be greyed out, making it easy to see what items does the wanted effect.

I currently have 180 + items in my gear bank due to me keeping one example of each item or almost, so it can be very long to find what I’m searching.

Need this.
A thousand times.

Once you max slots at 199 gear filters are needed just to make more room from what you don’t want! Please, please implement this! Or at least a search feature because right now I’m meticulously going through each item 1 by 1 to sell.

I really don’t understand how on earth this game doesn’t have this! Did the developers feel no one will have a lot of gear?? Please.

Yeah gear filtering is starting to be a pain :wink:
Another thing I’d like is the ability to review and choose what we want to do with LOOTED item, the same way we can review and decide what to do with items coming from PACKS.
It’s really painful when you looted, say, 10 items in a mission, to have to sort by newest, then by type again, to compare them with the items you already have.

But I completely validate the need for a Property or Secondary Property filter.

I just did a search for this topic thinking I can’t possibly be the only one who wants a filter for gear!!!

Shameless bump for an awesome idea even though I totally thought of this first 9 days after you.