Gear based on your enemy team, will you/do you use it?

Gear like Co-Opetition Inducer and Lenore’s Lament which depend on your enemy team using LLC or non Jennerit characters respectively. I learned back in my card game days that you should never have anything that depends on your enemy. Even if the effect is good, you run the risk of it being useless and I would rather have atk damage or speed up and running 100% of the time rather than have a stacking ability that relies on my enemy to pick a certain character especially when one requires you to actually make the kill of an enemy BB of a certain faction.
I personally dont see much use for these but I would like to know how others feel about enemy dependent gear.

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Well for the next 3-4 weeks, co-opetition inducer will be incredibly useful as Kid Ultra will be in every game


I’d definitely rather use most other gear than expensive legendary gear that could be completely useless. Better versatility, especially when I can’t make an specialized loadout for every single character.

I can see pre mades making use of the non-enemy specific ones, such as the Eldrid’s Pangenesis Glyph or the Rogue’s Gettaway Grog. On random queuing tho, too much dependence on teammates doing X for me to sacrifice a more versatile loadout slot for a small chance of using it.

If we ever get around to the Woodsworn challenge, my friends and I will definitely use the Glyph however.

I feel like out of all of them Lenore’s Lament is the best one, 8% lifesteal on any non-character Jennerit character? sure you can assume that at least they’ll be one or two Jennerit characters but even then a gear that gives you Atk dmg and Skll dmg is really good, and it depends on there being no Jennerit so i can guess that’s why.

I would definitely use Lenore’s Lament on Rath and Deande just to see how it works out.

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Wasn’t there talk about being able to counter pick or something in the future?
If so, it’ll probably be a lot more viable… Now? I don’t know. I’m not playing a lot of PvP anymore… But using Lenore’s Lament on Rath or Deande sounds very tempting tbh

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o.0 I missed something… where did those come from??? I want them :stuck_out_tongue:

So some interesting thoughts about the 2 examples you provided: the jennerit imo is really flashy and a decent amount of people will want to give it a try thus lowering the value of it. The majority of people will assuredly try to not play the llc one as its “bad” thus making the gear itself better.

I think it’s kinda funny

Does anybody care to talk about how 5 upr running there faction legendary will make them basically unkillable? Unless I am missing something…

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The UPR Gear does seem op as hell if its used in a premade group
I’d hate to go against a coordinated team with ~20 damage reduction

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I don’t know exactly how percentages stack, but I really hope they have something in the coding that prevents that gear from overlapping. Otherwise you’re looking and a quick and easy 100% immunity with a few players running it.

Or a damned Ernest.


I think people are worried about the fact the gear does not have the patented “Does Not Stack” slapped on the label.

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I would agree with you.

I never pick situational items or choices. Your best bet is a sure thing.

If you pick that and no LLC, then you’ve wasted a slot basically. You aren’t going to cough up the 1800 coins and not get the bonus. Also, lets say there is an LLC guy. You have to spend the rest of the game trying to farm kills from that one guy?

Its almost like taking shield pen gear. It’s so situational that it makes no sense even picking it.

I agree. I’ll bet these would be more useful if Battleborn had a draft mode, yes?



That relies on him being balanced enough to be killed.

Oh, how you tease us.

Yep, that’s what this gear seems great for. Too many LLC enemies? You know what to do. Kelvin, Alani, Miko, and Boldur? Make everybody’s healing crazy

Actually, less people using the LLC one discourages LLC characters, making it worse, as you can’t kill them. Opposite for Jennerit

So, should I get hyped now or later? Cuz i was only born with 860 hours of hype, and I don’t wanna waste any


Life’s too short to worry about wasting hype hours. You need to get hyped now, about everything. Take me for instance. I’m hyped for Kid Ultra, Toby’s DLC, Dark Souls 3 DLC, Dishonored 2, Skyrim remastered. I just have too much to be hyped about in the next few months, I’m just sitting hear saying to myself, “I’M SO ■■■■■■■ READY!!!”


I give it only a few years before your hype runs out. Shame

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It will be an amazing few years.

Half as long but twice as bright.

The LLC got the short end of the deal here, which is amusing considering they would always try to be on top! Yet here they are with the worse Faction Legendary. I think they should have had like “Pay me to Win” or sumthin’ where they get Shards per second for each non-LLC character on their team. I can see somebody like Marquis charging non-LLC Hobos cold hard cash for his assistance.

So many options, yet they pick the effect they did. :<