Gear box is sexist or is just favoriting lol

I have yet to play galilea since the update so I cant say how bad the nerf is. 3 nerfs for galilea and poor ambra her abilities or helix cant remember which. Bu really another ambra nerf??? Yet has anything been done to raths ult??? I think not seeing as hes the poster boy noob friendly of all time to battle born players and can be op at times and has been asked to get nerfed just as much as people complained about galilea. Yet rath hasn’t been nerfed not even once but females seem to be getting a majority of the nerfs. There is plenty of other people who could use some nerfs but aren’t even touched at all making me start hating the community.

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Wouldn’t this mean that Gearbox favoured females if during the beta and even afterwards female characters could defeat just about all male/female characters and therefore requiring a nurf. Rath is a one trick pony, gali and Ambra were able to dominate any battle.


Gearbox is very sexy…wait, did you mean “sexist”? Nah Kleese got a nerf too

Not sexist.


Bikini Kleese skin ftw


Beachball battle throne? Lifeguard Kleese? Take more of my money, Gearbox


Lol thanks for catching that and one thing got nerfed the rest for him on the patch not was bug fixes.

Raths ult will be nerfed at some point i mean lets face it why learn to avoid something when you can cry and have it made easier for you.


How is Gal even an option for the word sexist when she’s one of the few armored females not in a metal bikini… this has to be some attempt at trolling right? I am 10,000% positive the balance changes are not made because of gender… and im scared someone even came to that conclusion.


Gearbox and their main game franchises are about as gender neutral as you can get in the games industry atm, yet every game they put out I see the same sexist slander posted on their forums.

It’s odd that many other games that don’t put as much effort into this area as GBX don’t see this kind of stuff and they do. IMO completely unwarranted.


Lol well same can be said for almost every other post on this forum with people wanting nerfs on everything

Well I did put lol you know laugh out loud and also that they are just favoring. The way I put it was if they aren’t being sexist they are just favoring other characters. I could have taken out the second is in the title.

You dont know what sexist is gal and ambra were the 2 most complained and powerful character so they were brought in line there sex has nothing to do with it.
They werent going to leave them alone just because they are female.


Thanks exactly what I meant

Well, El Dragon was nerfed. Clearly this is an affront to the GIANT ROBOT ARM(S) community.

C’mon, son.

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Isic got nerfed too they must be againist robots the toasters will boycott this game if this keeps up.


Lol Attikus better watch out. They got it out for GIANT ROBOT ARMS.


Raths ult is manageable. I played a match yesterday where he kept getting owned by a Montana that would lumberjack him out of his ult, manifestation him into the air,a and destroy him. I played as marquis in a match and beat a rath due to the slow bubble letting me escape the ult. survive or evade the ult and he becomes a lot weaker. No need required.

When using Ambra I take her mutation that slams the ground. Solves the rath problem.

Throwing around obviously false claims of ‘sexism’ in passing causes people to become desensitized to the word, ultimately allows for actual and common instances of the practice to be lumped together with anecdotal claims of the times where it was unwarranted.

You know what is sexist? Diminishing a cause that globally entails things as dramatic as mutilations, gendercides, and feoticdes to a joke about an EEO/Inclusion-Advocating company nerfing characters based off of their gender.

For the sheer sake of a dedication to free speech I am going to allow this absolutely bizarre thread to remain open for whatever period of time it takes some one to explain away a global issue affecting millions of lives and slandering hard working members of a professional community for nothing more than a cheap shock.

On the off chance that this is indeed a thread meant to troll, and you’re trying to mock overreactions to mild issues (like the outrageous kneejerk people had over Miss Moxxi). I hope you recognize belittling an actual cause by the lowest common denominator actually makes you a reflection of the same wrongdoing.


If I could, I would like your post twice, Giu. Well said, good sir, well said.

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