Gear Brainstorm: How can they be more useful?

Ok, let’s face it, there are a lot of gear that pretty much are useless from Legendary to Common, whether is because of the combination of stats, some stats requirements are just impossible to get any benefit from (looking at you “while shield is full”) there aren’t that many stats diversity between the factions gear, some factions don’t even have some gear which truthfully i would like a Recoil gear for the Jennerit or even a Atk Dmg gear for the UPR, some negative stats are just TOO negative (like who even wants to give up Dmg Reduc for Atk Dmg?) and in the case of Legendaries some have good stats but god awful useless effect or vice versa, Including Character’s Lore Legendaries (examples: Chrono Key and Shadoculars), so I’m making a thread for gear changes, whether it’s a specific gear, gear from an entire faction or even make new gear that would be useful for PvP as well as PvE and Story Ops.

Well First Off:

Shadoculars: plain and simple, get rid of the Heal Power and give it Health Regen, as it fits better with the whole survivability because come on, it has a good effect but the way it is now the only ones that can use it are Ambra, Alani and Kleese, and one of them can already reveal, change it’s Heal power and there might be a resurgence of this gear becoming a mild common Legendary gear.

All Jennerit Boots: I can get that(And this is coming from someone who uses them a lot) Boots of Brutes needed to be nerfed, it’s effect was really good on melee characters, BUT why did you had to go and change the Sec stats to Critical hit Dmg?? like it would’ve been fine if it was just the BOBs but the whole gear faction archetype? you guys literally made both the Epic and Uncommon versions of this gear useless which brings me to my third one.

Atk Spd: Do you guys know how many gear give Atk Spd? Three, two which are Sec Stats, plus the nerf to Atk Spd on the earlier patches and the nerf to the VoZF leaving only SEoA as the ONLY good Legendary Atk Spd gear which btw barely no one uses anymore, GBX, you guys have clearly eradicated Atk Spd from this game, sure some might say " But I still use it, it’s still good" yeah, it’s as good a Atk Spd on Deande, Oh wait NO IT DOESN’T, JUST BRING BACK ATK SPD, stop trying to kill it and bring it back already, and you even might say “If you want Atk Spd so much, then use a rare Atk Spd and done”, that’s a good point and a good transition to my next point.

Inconsistencies between the requirements of some Faction type gear: Ok so for a Jennerit Atk Dmg gear you get your +9.10% Atk Dmg Increase and your +5.04% Atk Spd for 5 seconds after landing a melee hit, ok good gear, then I go to the rare Jennerit Atk Spd gear, +8.40% Atk Spd and +5.04% Atk Spd for 60 seconds after killing a player or major enemy… You know i could’ve let this one go, but there’s only three type of gear that give Atk Spd and if it’s about because this is rarer than it has to be harder to get the full effect i might’ve budged, EXCEPT both the rare and uncommon Rogue versions of Atk Dmg, Atk Spd, Skill Dmg and Crit Dmg are the same, so i see no problem on why it couldn’t be the same on the Jennerit gear (man the Jennerit gear got the D) so If anyone can give me a reasonable enough reason for me to let this one go i’ll gladly accept it but not the next one.

Some gear requirements are just… HUH!!!: Exhibit A; The “Gentleman’s Gilded Pauldron”, +4.20(BLAZE IT)% Dmg Reduc While shield is full… See i can see the use of it’s counterpart, the “Physician’s Ekkuni Scalemail”, you get the bonus while you’re health is full since you’re health will be full until they take you’re shield down or go through it with Shield Pen(PFFFTTTT, SHIELD PEN, HAAAAHAHAHAHA) BUT GENTLEMAN’S… while shield is full… it’s just plain stupid, the only time you’re shield will be full is in spawn or out of combat which none a favorable, you can even change it to while shield is active and it be better but then it be the same as the Physician’s but what makes this Gentleman worse than the Physician? its Faction, being an LLC gear they give up survivability, meaning anything that helps you escape, Move and Sprint Spd bein the most notable one and you’re sure as H@ll i’m not gonna make my Gali any slower than she is, so my question is, why is this gear even a thing in this game? like this other gear I’m gonna point out.

Shield Pen: I dare anyone in here to tell me any use of this gear if its not using it on Thorn to completely bypass shields, you might say " To counter Shield Heros like Shaurox and Kleese or even Heros that Depend on Shields like Deande", first, does Kleese need anymore countering the poor b@%tard? Do you think that Deande cares that you’re not hurting her shield but her? (if anything, she’ll probably go kill you and then kiss your dead corpse), is just countering one Hero out of thirty enough reason to leave this gear as it is? taking up space? Either buff it globally on all parts or remove it from the game, this gear is the epitome of useless.

Incomplete sets of Faction gear: this one is more of an wish than a peeve really, wish for all the Factions to have all of the types of gear as it would make customization way more fun to try out like maybe a Legendary Jennerit Pauldron that gives you lifesteal while getting hit or even a Legendary Rogue Needle that gives you CC immunity while under 50% health, or even from epic to common gear to give all factions a gear for every gear archetype.

So those are just things I could notice on the fly( it’s like 3:30 AM right now) SO WHAT WOULD YOU CHANGE IN ANY OF THE GEAR IN BATTLEBORN OR EVEN WHAT KIND OF GEAR WOULD YOU ADD TO THE GAME