Gear! Come Get It! and some trades too

The thread is back from the dead as I now have a decent-ish list to post. As always no trades needed to get your hands on the goods, but if you are so inclined, I will post up items I am looking for.

Kaos, Cryo, 100% Cryo Damage SNTL anoint
Kaos, Cryo, Barrier Crit Damage Anoint
Carrier, 100% Cryo SNTL Anoint

Up For Grabs (All are level 53, unless stated otherwise)

Devastator, x1, Gama Burst 115% Rad damage anoint
Infinity, Kinetic, 100% SNTL Cryo anoint
Crossroads, Cryo, 130% Damage Clone Swap Anoint
Kaos, Shock, Barrier Crit anoint
Carrier, 2 mags Cryo on ASE Anoint (26 mag size)
Carrier, 130% damage on Digi Swap anoint
Carrier, 2 mags cryo on ASE anoint (33 mag size)
Kaos, incendiary, 125% damage to named/BAs on ASE Anoint
Kaos, Corrosive, 125% Damage to named and BAs on ASE
Rowan’s Call, Incendiary, 125% damage to name/BAs on ASE Anoint
Lead Sprinkler, 100% Damage on ASE Anoit
Recursion, x1, Shock/Rad 115 % rad damage during GB anoint
Scourge, Corrosive, 100% Cryo damage during SNTL Anoint
Dictator, x6, Moze two mags crit anoint
Rough Rider, 50% cryo on ASE anoint

More to come as interesting things drop and/or I clear out some bank stuffs

Can I have one of the craps with splash anointment?
Ps4. el-jorg

Sure thing. Preference in zoom?

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You still have that lucky 7

Still have that Moze annointed Craps? PSN Rchris92

Not really. I like the one with the most damage😃

Sent you the higher damage of the two

I do indeed. What is your PSN?

Yessir. You were already on my list. Sent

Bump, a few new additions to the list. Current lucky 7 has been claimed

FallenDark200 is my psn

Looks like you were already on my list. Sending the lucky 7 your way. Picked up a foursum with a GB anointment as well if you are interested.

Umm yeah that would be awesome I appreciate it man!!


I appreciate it good sir!!!

Bump. A few more additions to what is up for grabs added. LF list has been updated

Craps, shock w sntnl anoint please
my psn is Ice-T411
Thank you


Thank you very much

You still have the nukem?

Yup, sent

Appreciate it!