Gear Dependent? How do you mean?

So, one thing that I always see is that Zane is incredibly Gear Dependent. Stated in such a way as to propose that he is more so than other characters.

I’m not asking to argue that. I’m just curious as to what Gear you Depend on as Zane, so we can maybe see what ideas we might be missing on our own definitions of how to play.

I personally don’t wanna ever leave Sanctuary without at least on Host Alien Hyperion Shotgun. With its bouncing ball of death mechanic, and the fact that it takes on the gun damage from a speed Zane at the point of launch, it’s an absolute blast to fire into a crowd of enemies at full speed snowdrifting, and more so if they’re by a wall.

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It means that for certain builds you need the right weapons/shields/class mod for that build to work.

Not my question, though I can see how you thought it was. Lol.

It basically means that Zanes skilltrees lack in damage boosting abilities. He has got some, but they are really low compared to the other vault hunters AND require certain contitions to function (movement, full shield)
So in order to do reasonal amounts of damage Zane needs top quality gear.

I main Zane and my most used gun is the cutsman when I run playing dirty. This skill benefits mostly from high damage Single Pellet guns.
If I run duct tape mod, I allways equip hellwalker because of low mag size and Quick reload. I make sure to invest into cool Hand too to further increase reload speed. But then again playing dirty is not as good because it only adds one pellet for ~500 damage instead of ~1500 with the cutsman.