Gear Discussion: "Sketchy Gambler's" Corpse Reviver Rarity Glitch

So I have gotten 2 of these items they are literally the exact same except ones stats are higher but the funny thing is one is rare as it should be the other is epic :stuck_out_tongue:

The funny thing is I have seen a legendary of this to. This next photo was submitted by a user on on a legendary gear thread.

For those of you who do not know, Rare gear is suppose to have 2 of the same stats one of the boosts being conditional, epic has 2 stats with no conditions. Both epic and rare gear can possess negetive stats to bring down there cost, legendary gear had 2 fixed stats and a 3rd stat or buff that is based around specialized conditions.

Based on all this the Epic and Rare Corps Revivers are both Glitched Loot :stuck_out_tongue:

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Known issue.

Sell the legendary one for 250

sell all of them because CC reduction is useless…


Yep, I also have a Legendary Corpse Reviver.

Not really thr topic :stuck_out_tongue: