Gear extractor in local coop in Arms Race

Os the gear extractor supposed to only allow 6 items between all players or is it supposed to be 6 each? I am playing local coop and that seems very broken if its 6 total for everyone because I have no control over other players and am being denied loot without warning or explanation. This is entirely unfair and not cool for the 30 dollars I just spent. Please explain.


I guess you’re playing with randoms huh? It only stores so many in each extractor. I’m ps4, guess what Im doing

Grinding Arms Race

The whole mode is broken friend.

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Yeah, that is BS. Not playing with randos but my wife. When she uses like 3 slots I also lose 3 slots without extracting items. Even tho the loot is instanced snd all machines as well

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Well at least we know it’s a for sure broken thing.

I’m so mad cause I got like 5 new weapons with great annoits on the first clear…and got none of them…

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