Gear Farming And You (Us)

Why do you (we) do it?

Why do we farm?

Why do we hoard?

Why do we gather shinies that we are only going to rarely (if ever) use?

Why do we spend days / weeks / months / years doing almost painfully & tediously repetitive things in games like Borderlands and their brethren?

Tell me (us) your (our) reasons.

Let’s help each other understand our shared affliction!




Why do I do it?

To gear up, obviously. Sure, I collect too, but that isn’t my main reason.

Why do I spend days/weeks/months/years doing it?

Because Pearls have such a low drop rate that whenever one appears it’s like, “Alright, crack open the champagne! YES!” Kinda thing.


The reason why I farm or why I still play this game. The gear is unique enough that I set up my gear in various ways and the set ups are completely different. I can use any gun and be effective in any area. Some set ups are more difficult then others but just as fun. Friends can hop in and out and we can shoot ■■■■ while “shooting the ■■■■.” The difficulty whether I am by myself or with others just feels just right.

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I’m not much of a farmer, nor a collector. When I do, it’s with the hope of finding some specific piece of gear, like a better Pestilent Defiler. (I’m level 68 and my PD is level 31 and it’s starting to get a bit weak against level 70 Lance…)

I’ve gone shopping at the Armory and have found nothing worth picking up. I ignored a Draco last night - and I think it’s the first time I’ve ever seen one - since my Mord uses only pistols. Same with one of those Pearl Ironclad shields. I see a colored beam when opening a chest and get excited until I see that it’s not a revolver. And then I ignore it and move on…

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Thanks for the thoughtful replies, guys!

HOW long should i farm for before i give up


Is this a question? Uhm…forever? Hahaha




Because some pieces of gear are just really satisfying.

Youve got your machine pistols for the start of the game. Good damage (better if cold prefix), good reload speed, and good mag size if you go s&s. Just a nice, steady stream of bullets.

Then you’ve got your sniper rifles. A good barrel, scope, and ppz body will turn bandit encampments into comically intricate target shoots.

Oh, and revolvers. Great in their own right, especially if scoped. Guaranteed elemental procs make them a great choice for sirens. The cathartic, deliberate shots of a revolver are very well complemented with an area of effect, and guaranteed DOT. However, we all know most revolvers in use are mashers. That tight spread, high damage/crit damage, and slow deliberate shots are why many players just go straight for a masher. Bonus points for a jackobs masher with knockback, just so satisfying.

Then you’ve got your shotguns. The standard revolver type shotguns give good pellet count, and make a great choice on their 2 extremes. A 12 shot mag gives you a consistent and sustained rich lead cone, and the 2 shot gives you double damage stopper shots. Assault shotguns are less pellets, but better fire rate. The tighter spread, and faster shots make you feel like a SWAT team sweeper while you shower a bandit’s face with efficient death cylinders.

Then you’re assault rifles. They heartily clug along with good, straight to the point heavy fire. Get a high fire rate/mag size, and you will feel like you’ve broken the game with how that thing sounds, and puts out damage.

Lastly, you’ve got your SMG’s. Nice tight bursts of no-nonsense high quantity lead. Get the HX body to speed up encounters by 100% like a good efficient soldier. Opt for an accuracy barrel and scope to find out why sniping is overrated, or get a double anarchy to find out what it’s like to poke someone 1000 times in the face to death.

That’s why I farm at least.


I farm because I’ve yet to see a Serpens irl.


I guess you never know with this game, but I’ve gotten all of my serpens’ except maybe 4 of them from craw.

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