Gear for a Heavy Gunner Axton

My build would involve placing a point into grenadier, 3 in Able, and 3 in expertise, then maxing everything in gunpowder and guerrilla except laser, crisis management, overload, ranger, and duty calls. I would max preparation, pressure, and quick charge as well. What would my gear be? I would probably avoid assault rifles because rifleman COMs are best for them. I’m thinking Harold, hornet, twister, omen, slow hand, and plasma casters of every element, corrosive snider, volcano, and pimpernels of every element. What do you guys think?

imo the single point in Grenadier is better off in Able unless you really feel like having one extra grenade will benefit you more. Although it could depend on what kind of grenade you’re planning to use.

Anyway, the gear looks fine to me. The Volcano and corrosive Snider seem out of place given the multiple Pimpernels though but if you prefer actual headshots by all means keep using them.

You might consider using an Ogre, a Hail and/or a Kerblaster. You may not be using Rifleman but they do have synergy with your build. Plus with them you could also make use out of the Gunner’s Overload boost (if that’s the case I’d move a point from Metal Storm over there since it’s easy to hit RoF caps with Metal Storm especially with the Hail).

The grenadier point is there so I can swap to a master grenadier mod if I want more grenades, but I could still see myself putting it into Able instead. You’re probably right, ogre and kerblaster, and the hail have great synergy with a heavy gunner COM and should probably be in there. Heavy gunner could potentially out DPS even a rifleman COM with those guns when the turret is down, and the extra recoil reduction would be really nice for the ogre and kerblaster. Any other suggestions?

All I can think of atm is SWORDSPLOSION!!!. Maybe Thunderball Fists or Yellow Jacket if you want. You might also consider using launchers since you get extra launcher damage from Steady which the Gunner boosts (although Leg. Soldier is better for launchers).

Lol I like the idea of FFYL builds centred around a Veteran COM and launchers for raiding. 6 second Terramorphous kills FTW.

Veteran is mostly used for killing raid bosses really fast with Tediores, not launchers.

Ok, would pointman be the one for launcher raiding then?

Legendary Soldier gives the most launcher damage and thus the best imo due to how limited rocket ammo is (unless you’re planning on using a Sham). Pointman (preferably the legendary version) is for when all you want is survival and you don’t care about DPS (Last Ditch Effort notwithstanding).

What really shine with the Gunner COM is torgue weaponry. Their fire rate can reach the soft cap (15) with the COM and Metal Storm buffs and the recoil rediction helps with keeping them in target.
It is wise to get a purple version with +5 to Metal Storm, +4 to Steady and +4 to Overload. Only one point in Overload, with the boost, gives you +50% mag size to assault rifles, what include the KerBlaster, Ogre and purple Torgue assault rifles like the Lance and the Splitter.
You can still use your grenades to kill things even without the Grenadier COM. You wont have the boost from the COM but still have the Expertise buff and 15 grenades with the spec so your Meteor Shower and Fastballs are going to shine with the explosive relic. Try this spec:

Also, your DPUH will be insane too with this build. But if you want to stick with elemental weaponry instead of torgue , I would suggest Plasma Casters. They benefit from both fire rate and splash damage bonus and you can equip a Bone of Ancients. The Omen wont benefit this much from the fire rate boost so I would use the Grenadier COM with it, same for the Hornet due to the burst fire mechanic. Hail works great with the Gunner setup too!

Yeah I suppose you’re right. spitters, ogre and Harold. What do you mean soft cap? I thought the fire rate cap was 19 or 20

Im on PS3 :frowning:
My caps are 15 and 30, unfortunately

Interesting, well ok, should manage to stay under it