Gear for ambra?

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After discovering an extremely helpful and informative post about melka detailing the effectiveness of gear when used by her in game, I decided to ask a few questions about my favorite character that I’ve long been curious about but far to lazy to actually figure out. I’m not asking for an in depth look and actual stat effects like we got with melka more just curious how some of this gear actually applies to ambra.

-skill damage gear. I’ve always assumed it increases the damage output of her sunspots but does it also increase the heal power of sunspots? Or also does it increase the bonus damage dealt by scorching strikes?

  • healpower/healing received gear. Do these benefit the lifesteal from her beam?

  • attack speed gear. I’ve always assumed it increases her beams attack speed but does that also means increased efficiency using her beam to heal teammates or to charge a sunspot?

Thanks for any insight yall can provide.

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Skill dmg buff her heal power i upload a vídeo about it :slight_smile:

Attack speed dosent affect her beam ticks but it does to her stabing.

Heal power/recive dosent increase life steal but it increase the amount a sunspot can heal and heal you ( yes you are buffing your sustain) also life steal is so little vs sunspot healing powers.

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Dope thanks


I run a free shard gen, a solar sustainer (heal power and attack damage buffs for my homies) and an epic attack damage.

I haven’t really tested how well the attack buffs work but in theory it makes me feel good about it haha
I use this on Miko as well.

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It does! It is nearly a must have on her. I suggest white or green + health.

They don’t benefit her life steal, but heal power is incredibly nice on her

And you’d be wrong. It’s a set .5 seconds. It won’t help anything. It is useful for scorched strikes but that depends on your playstyle, where as attack damage is more consistent



  • skill damage, and works with Sunspotter

Symbiotic Gauntlet

  • Attack damage is great on her and the extra health makes her overshield procc earlier. She can also keep her health up at ease to take advantage and sound increases how much she lifesteals for more health for more lifesteal. It also makes a radiant spear crit amazing

Solar Sustainer

  • The group healer having a group buff? Yes please
  • Better attack damage helps lifesteal and increases her beam healing last time I tested (on sunspots. I never reccomend making her a pocket ambra)

My gearset:
White skill damage
White heal power
Symbiotic Gauntlet
An even mix of protection and attack

Remember, skill damage is nearly mandatory

Glad I could (hopefully) help!

(PSN:Santbech_2038) #6

If you want to be the best healer, skill dmg and heal power.

If you want to be a monster, movement speed+ sprint speed, attack power and heal recive (put a sunspot behind your enemy and get heals while debuffing him). Everyone hates how fast ambra can run, if you add gear and lvl 5 extra speed she can be rly hard to kill.

(Pbfdanglez420) #7

For sure much thanks. I’ve mostly just always wondered but I’ve gone through a few different loadout throughout my career, I used to use heal power and skill dmg but have since dropped them in favor of a zero cost shard, double sprint speed (below 50% hp), and double movement speed (below 50% hp) and I use her more for her sunspotter bonus dmg and playing healer only when the moment calls. She makes for great bait and with all that speed at low health it’s very easy to jump behind the wave and find a few seconds of safety to heal up

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Dont forget about her overshield has a cooldown. Dont be those noob ambras who run for cover and heals and are back to find the overshield didnt actívate and died.

(Master of Eeveelution) #9

Here I thought I was the only one who used this on Ambra. Whenever I see an Ambra with a legendary Jennerit skill damage gear equipped, I check what it is after the match and it’s always the Shard of Jennar. Her heat generation is very fast, especially from minion waves, and you’re not shooting fireballs indefinitely so you don’t need infinite heat (at least not on PvP of course) which is why I always use the Bola’s, and as you said it works great with Sunspotter. Good choice :acmaffirmative:

(Ambra's Arbiter) #10

I uh, don’t use it. Still don’t have it :grin:
It is a good piece of gear on her though. Although I generally prefer illumination unless in a premade

(Master of Eeveelution) #11


You should get it.

(Ambra's Arbiter) #12

Yeah, I definitely should. It sounds useful on nearly everyone. It’s on the top of my list. I just so rarely have time to play so spending that time farming (stupid) Antem just seems wasteful. But mmm. I’ll do it next Lootpocalypse. Which will be after the patch I believe. Or maybe before then. Who would you reccomend for that? Galilea? She got me through every story mission easily

(AkuTheWicked) #13

@epicender584 @Slif_One Is Bola Finder really a better choice than Shard of Jennar? I just can’t wrap my head around that, sure Sunspotter + Bola = Bunch of damage on sunspots but Shard of Jennar + Radiant Halberd = Infinie fireballs with no fallout damage and good blast radius and incredible range sounds more appealing to me more so with the Beam nerf or is this one of those “fits my playstyle” things?

(Ambra's Arbiter) #14

If you’re sitting there spamming fireballs for that long where it’s worth it, then you’ve been sitting there for over 30 seconds using no skills or doing anything else. She gets heat fast enough and her kit is already good enough where you don’t need it

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Legendary gear is for the weak.

(PSN:Santbech_2038) #16

I usually go with bola’s target because lvl 7 feels end game i mean you spent must of the match being a close/mis range and know how to move that way.

Buff your sunspot debuff to 21% for everyone can make any battle a win to your team.

(Hobbit Warrior) #17

I keep the Shard in my general Ambra loadout as a contingency. In the average game Bola’s is a much better choice, that’s one where you’ve got a consistent push going or a skill gap big enough between the players where a counter push is unlikely no matter how much difficulty you may having hitting a sentry. In an even game, though, the fireballs are a game changing phase that if you need to use, needs to be as efficient as possible.

The best source of heat generation by lvl 7 is minions. It’s impracticable against buildables. The damage from the tether is just too low to count on as anything but a means of harassing escaping players, finishing low health enemies, or targeting especially bouncy characters. The fireballs are much more efficient for actually damaging characters, and if the game is still deadlocked enough by lvl 7 where Fireball spam is necessary, you’re going to want to be able to use them consistently without having to stop to recharge for any amount of time. In a rough fight, even that few seconds for heat recharge can be forever.

So back to minions, they’re plentiful and strong by lvl 7. There tether just isn’t a reliable way to stall or do wave clear so any amount of time spent like that is further the minion wave moves down lane. Since the best pushes come with minion waves now, the most efficient way for Ambra to deal with waves is to drop a sunspot into the advancing cluster as soon as possible and begin lobbing fireballs. This standard attack clears waves faster than anybody except an even lvl Ernest or Orendi.

(Master of Eeveelution) #18

Solar Wind generates heat, and solves the problem of minions advancing down the lane. I have no idea why you’d ever use the tether on minion waves, Ritual of Repulsion pushes them back and fills the heat gauge, and that alone does a lot of damage, especially after the debuffs from Sunspotter and Bola’s. Now you’ve heavily debuffed the minions, pushed them back, and have enough heat to finish the wave off with fireballs. All that considered, Ambra still has her ult which isn’t useful for much else and is an exceptional wave clear tool, on Outskirts in particular you’ll have another ult back by the time the next wave enters lane, or if you’re pushing you’ll probably have another Solar Wind.