Gear for Handsome Jack build

I am looking for some level 60 gear to complete my Handsome Jack deputy build. I already have a 30% Ignore Shields Rustlers Quad but it has a Hyperion grip, so better parts and even a Docs Quad with the same luneshine would be preferred. I also need Redundant Tasers in Shock and Fire element, as well as the Indistinguishable Projection class mod. I can trade: The Rustlers Quad I mentioned, other gear for the build for example the Quasar, Bulwark and the mining laser, a few anarchists, a perfect 88 Fragnum (all Torgue parts, Hard Prefix and 30% Ignore Shields chance), a fire Berrigan, legendaries in general and more (including most legendary class mods).

I’ve got a L60 redundant in shock. Any chance you’ve got a Redundant in Cryo? Is your PSN ID Mr_Kcool?

My PSN is Mr_Kcool11

I have a cryo but it is not redundant. Anything else you want?

Well, that luneshined Hard Fragnum sounds interesting. BTW, the Win-Win prefix on the TS4-R is also quite good. Some Anarchists I’ve found are prettier and more effective than the TS4-R (but I guess, for Jack, you want Hyperion?)

I have 2 Tasers 1 Shock and 1 Cryo, but non of them redundant. I have a Win-Win (I think it is the Cryo but I’m not certain) and would be happy to trade the Fragnum for one of the items I would like. Do you happen to know the parts of your Shock Taser off hand?

[quote=“Mr_Kcool, post:5, topic:82320, full:true”]… Do you happen to know the parts of your Shock Taser off hand?
Sorry – don’t keep up with parts (wouldn’t know a vertical grip from a horizontal one!) I’ll add you next time I’m on (or, vice-versa).

edit — I’m bevross on PSN