Gear for some nasty enemies

Determined in my quest to game some vague capability in playing Krieg, thought I would consult some advice from the experts on what gear would help to bring out Krieg’s awesomeness. Especially against some Peak minibosses. Do any of these guns sound good, and am I missing some better opportunities?

Explosive fastballs

Maliwan shock SMG
Hornet or Conference call
Transformer shield

Presumably not Swordsplosion as he resists splash damage?
Corrosive hail
Corrosive plasma caster
Conference call
Pandemic or Storm front

Dukino’s mom:
Corrosive plasma caster
Grog / fastball to survive health gating

Corrosive sniper, maybe Lyuda

Except for surveyors I usually go with the Rough Rider, does this sound sensible?

Ravager. It won’t kill you like a Sword can.

Slag bouncing betty/biddy or a Storm Front. Don’t get surrounded.

CC and Rough Rider. You can dodge the shock balls. A corrosive Hyperion Plasma Caster will work as well. That or an Omen.

Slag bouncing betty/biddy. Use the PC until she gets you into rampage mode, kill a midget with melee, then toss axes at her. The biggest trick is to keep her slagged. Get a Slagga if you can.

DPUH and/or Ogre for the turrets. Everything else should work fine.

Corrosive Pimp: aim at the joint on either of the front legs.

Unless you’re going with Hellborn, explosive weaponry is still your friend. The only enemy you’re likely to have an issue with is Oney, but even he will go down to a DPUH. Use your slag grenades in that fight and don’t let the turrets get a bead on you if you can avoid it.

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Thank you.

Isn’t there a risk with the slag grenades on Scorches that they just run out of range? Cause I tend to run about a bit when fighting them.

Is there a particular prefix / type of slag betty you favour?

Anytime. :dukecheese:

Grenades don’t have prefixes, Hattie. I usually go for a longbow with a 0 fuse time. The level and damage don’t matter, you just want it for slagging.

Will a slag bb slag me as well? I’ve used a slag crossfire and that appears to.

I know grenades don’t have prefixes like guns… I meant type as in longbow, sticky etc. Shall try your suggestion when I find one.

You do run into that danger with the slag Bouncing Betty/Biddy but it’s well worth it since Krieg is the only character that can’t slag while using his action skill. Considering how important slag is on the Peak it should be an acceptable danger…:relaxed:

Only after it explodes when its timer runs out.

Ah, handy to know! Thanks!

Yep. They work like a Storm Front: they won’t damage you while they’re active, but will once they explode. The betties/biddies might slag you when they first go off, but I’m not sure. Anyway, as long as you’re careful, you should be fine.

Longbow Crossfire (Slag). That’s my fav :wink:

Which can be purchased in a dark/seedy alley in the Torgue DLC…you’ll only see the strangers eyes peeking through a look hole in his steel door. Kinda shady…but does that guy have some good gear. :smile:

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I’m also quite captivated by the Seraph Vendors’ air of shady mystery… And by the Seraph legend generally. Perhaps it’s because I spend an extraordinary amount of time with these guys trying to beat / farm them, but I find Hyperius and Pete in their own ways deeply sinister figures.

How is it, that this shady seraph vendor can be in so many locations? Does he have fast travel stations inside his shady shop, allowing him to be at the actual shady shop your at, just before you get there? LOL
I am under the impression it is a single person that has the ability to fast travel from location to location. He always sounds the same. Unless, he can create digi shady seraph shop guys.

Where was I going with this? LOL


I think he may be Shady Earl, Crazy’s mysterious brother who rarely gets acknowledged


LMAO! Good pull. Great pull! LOL I love that too much. :joy:

He is like Crazy Earl, isn’t he?

Maybe it’s actually Crazy Earl, as his alter ego? :astonished:

Edit: I have came back and re-read the posts and when I get to “rarely gets acknowledged” I crack up all over again. Ok, I think I fixed it. :slight_smile: Nope, epic fail!

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Hehe, I had a similar experience on the Steam forums earlier… They’re also rather like this forum’s darker brother, it can be a bit of an uncivilised underworld over there, but there is also a great deal of amusement… I’m staying with family tonight and @steamnixtest among others were making me laugh so much at completely inappropriate Borderlands posts I had to retreat to a quiet room for a bit.

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